Digital Fabrication Lab

Policies + Orientations

Lab Use Requirements

For all affiliates of CED who wish to use the Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL), two requirements must be met:

  1. Complete the BCourse: This includes basic policies and procedures, basic file preparation, and laser cutting operations.

UCB or CED Undergraduate and UCB Graduates or CED MS Students: Access to the DFL is on a semester bases. Payment of DFL fees are mandatory for each semester (Fall-Spring-Summer) and is required before access may be granted. Payments can be made only at 477 Wurster Hall, and Credit Cards or PaperCut can be used to pay the fee, no checks or cash.

Spring 2022 Fee schedule as follows:
CED PDST Grad student - no access fee,

Research - $300 access fee per semester
MSF Undergrad student - $250 per semester

Renew Lab access each Semester: There is no need to retake the generic DFL orientation, Cal1 cards will be validated for access by a mechanician upon payment of fees and completion of the Waivers for the current semester. Access tags issued prior to the current term are void.

CED's MArch, MCP,  MLA or MUD students: No payment of DFL fees are necessary for Fall or Spring semesters. Registration occurs at the CED Student Technology Services Center in 477 Wurster Hall, but need only occur once in the Fall for year-long access.


All students and affiliates of CED (new users) who wish to use the Digital Fabrication Lab need to complete the BCourse: -  If you have not received an invitation to the bcourse please let Paige Plander( know and we will add you.

Once you have completed the bCourse portion, you will need to schedule a 1 hour in-person Orientation. Please come into the Shop/DFL to sign up for a scheduled session with Paige. Any questions about DFL access can be directed to Paige Plander,


Access to the Lab is for authorized users only, unless arrangements have been made with the Lab Manager or Mechanicians.

The Laser Cutters must be watched at all times while cutting, no exceptions. Failure to do this will result in a loss of DFL access as it is a fire hazard.

There is no space for storage - what you bring in you must take out.

All users are expected to clean up after themselves by recyling or appropriately disposing materials before leaving the Lab. (The CNC area require additional cleaning efforts.)

A list of approved materials is posted, any material not listed should be reviewed by the Lab Manager or Mechanicians.

Wurster is a state-funded facility, and as such may not sponsor “for profit” functions in the Lab. Users are not allowed to use the Lab for building things to be used as fundraisers or to directly sell to others. The Lab supports users who are using the Lab as part of instructional or research activities, or are building for their own use.

Sharp objects must be properly disposed.

No food or drink in the labs.

Alcohol, drugs, and all controlled substances are prohibited in the Lab at all times and users deemed to be "under the influence" or fatigued are not allowed to enter the Digital Fabrication Lab or use any of the equipment. Digital Fabrication Lab staff have the obligation to require users showing signs of weariness or an inability to follow safety or use instructions to leave the facility until a later time.

During extended lab hours, when there is only one staff present, services and equipment use will be modified. “Modified Service” means that when this condition is occurring, staff may​ not be available to provide the following services: 3D printing file reviews and processing, CNC file reviews and processing, start up new CNC jobs, assist with unreserved (walk-in) Zund users, or conduct equipment orientations or Graduate student laser or Zund cutter testing. However, items already in the print queues will continue to print; any ongoing CNC work can continue until closing; and students considered “reserved users” may continue to use the Zund. 

Laser Cutters: The Laser Cutters must be watched at all times while cutting, no exceptions. Be very careful with what materials are being cut, certain materails are not allowed so check with the Lab Manager or Mechanicians if in doubt. Check the lense frequently and, if necessary, clean them.

CNC: File review and supervision at the start of the job is required, so arrangements must be made with the Lab Manager or Mechanicians for use.

Plastic Printing: File review and supervision at the start of the job is required.

How to Lose Lab Privileges

Actions that may result in the loss of your access privileges are listed below (these are not all inclusive, but are intended to provide examples). There are consequences of not following these policies; based on the level of policy violation, access (without any refund)  to Computer Labs, DFL and Shop access may be singularly or simultaneously revoked for the semester, or year.

  • Not following posted CED and UC Berkeley policies
  • Not following directions given by the Lab Manager or Mechanicians
  • Allowing others access to the Lab without Manager or Mechanician approval
  • Lending your access card to another person
  • Deliberately attempting to bypass approved safety or Lab use processes
  • Deliberately attempting to degrade or disrupt systems or equipment performance
  • Not watching the laser cutters at all times
  • Leaving a running Laser Cutter without supervision
  • Propping or leaving the access doors open
  • Using the Lab equipment for producing items for resale 
  • Bringing in materials that are explicitly not allowed
  • Bringing drugs/alcohol into the Lab
  • Coming to the Lab "under the influence" or extremely fatigued (users may be asked to leave and come back once refreshed)

Actions that may limit access to supervised times only.

  • All undergraduates are supervised.
  • All Alumni or staff users are supervised.
  • Any graduate who does not show competence with the equipment or breaks policy will be limited to accessing the Lab only when staff are available to supervise.

Actions that may result in additional charges.

  • If users operate machines negligently, or misuse the machines to where repairs are required, they will be liable to pay for those repairs.
  • If users cause a fire in the Laser Cutters to where repairs are necessary, they will be liable for the cost of repairs or part replacements.

With adherence to California State law (California Penal Code 626.9(h) Gun Free School Zone,California Penal Code 12020 Unlawful Carrying and Possession of Weapons), the Digital Fabrication Lab restricts the fabrication or modification of any object that can be considered a weapon. Any objects that violate this policy will be confiscated and the users will lose access to the Fabrication Shop and Digital Fabrication Lab facilities.