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At the College of Environmental Design, faculty and students alike understand the crucial challenges that face them around the world – climate change and pollution, poverty and inequality, inadequate housing and infrastructure, exclusion from decision-making opportunities and more.

Jennifer Wolch, William W. Wurster Dean


Why Give to CED?

The mission of CED is to envision bold new urban futures and shape tomorrow’s generation of thought leaders, designers and technologists, activists and policy-makers in environmental design. Our goal is to unleash the creative potential of students who can contribute to sustainability, design excellence, social and environmental justice, economic vitality and community engagement.

Though the College is thriving, we cannot ignore that these are tough economic times for public education. We face unprecedented limits on state resources for higher education. At the same time, CED is now the home to UC Berkeley’s highest percentage of students coming from households of modest means, indicated by their eligibility for Pell Grants. The college also serves a higher share of historically underrepresented minority students than any other academic unit on campus, plus many first-generation college students.


We are extraordinarily proud to be providing such a high degree of access. For one of the core missions of the College of Environmental Design is to provide access to an extraordinarily fine university education and college experience, regardless of the financial circumstances of the students we recruit, teach and mentor. We are dedicated to doing all we can to support these remarkable students, and insure that they thrive at UC Berkeley.

In addition, the CED community has spent the last year developing a new strategic plan, CED Frontiers, to extend the reach of research and creative practice, create inclusive and cross-disciplinary pedagogy and build community spaces within Wurster Hall. Our goal is to build an intellectual and physical environment that encourages cutting-edge research, new forms of teaching and learning, and fosters collaboration and the sharing of new ideas. As we move forward in implementing the new initiatives in CED Frontiers, there has never been a more exciting time to get involved and be a part of the CED giving community.

By making a donation to the College of Environmental Design, you will help ensure the College remains one of the most outstanding environmental design schools in the world. With your help, we can continue to attract the most promising students, retain the best faculty and create a stimulating and collaborative environment in Wurster Hall. Through your contributions, you can make a meaningful investment in our mission of educating diverse leaders and creating a catalyst for positive change.

I hope that you will join with fellow graduates and friends as we look towards building a dynamic future for the College of Environmental Design. Thank you for all that you do.

Jennifer Wolch
William W. Wurster Dean
Professor of City & Regional Planning