Digital Fabrication Lab

Routers & Mills


Lab Equipment

  • The Lab houses a Techno Isel 3-axis CNC router with a tool changer

Files Available for Download

  • RhinoCAM 2.0 Surfacing Sample
    Download this file to see a sample project and use it to insert your own model and stock onto the designated layers. Notice the models of the two tools, be sure that cracks and holes in your model are not too steep or deep to hit the upper part of the tool holder.

  • Rhino Template for Profiling, Pocketing and Drilling (2.5D)
    Download this file to see a sample project and use it to insert your own cut outlines and stock onto the designated layers. Read the notes inside for important layout and preparation guidelines. 

Scheduling a Remote Service CNC Router Job

To use the CNC Router, first schedule an orientation with the Lab Manager or Mechanician and if possible provide with a digital model file for review. The CNC has a 4’ x 8’ bed size. Height limitations for the stock/model are more complicated and may vary depending upon project dimensions, tool choice, and tool path design; these are covered in detail during a special CNC orientation. A CNC job has five steps and may require two to three consultations to complete.

  1. Make the first Staff Consultation Appointment in the online scheduler. Propose a project and consult on materials and best practices. Learn about machine limits and create a plan for the job with the chosen materials. Plan for purchase of materials from the material store and preparation of stock with Shop.
  2. Submit a file. If the job is a 2.5D specify material to be purchased from the Material Store in the template. If the model is a 3D model include plans for stock prep to Shop via email.
  3. If a plan for stock prep was submitted for a 3D model receive confirmation of stock prep completion from Shop staff via email.
  4. Make the second Staff Consultation Appointment for final model review and processing. Submit file (adjusted if necessary) for processing.
  5. Receive confirmation of file processing completion via email. (or request for file modification if needed.) If successful receive notice of when the job is scheduled to be done. 
  6. On job completion an email note will indicate the parts are ready for pickup in the shop yard with a combination for a specified locker . (See below for information about the shop yard lockers.)

Turn around time may be 24-48 hours from the appointment time and may increase during periods of high demand. All jobs will be done as soon as possible and could be completed sooner than the projected lead time.

CNC Materials available for Remote Service Cutting

Blue Foam stock (~4" x 12" x 24"-Can be set side by side if needed max 24" x 24"),
Plywood, and wood (bass, poplar, maple) are okay sourced and purchased from the materials store. 

Bits: Most all commonly used bits will be provided by the DFL. For unique cuts, specialty bits may be suggested along with ideas on where to purchase them.

Completed work will be placed for pick-up in an assigned locker located in the Shop Yard adjacent to the Digital Fabrication Lab, 279 Wurster Hall