Digital Fabrication Lab

Routers & Mills


Lab Equipment

  • The Lab houses a Techno Isel 3-axis CNC router with a tool changer

Files Available for Download

  • RhinoCAM 2.0 Surfacing Template (available by request from staff)
  • VCarve Pro 6.5 Profiling and Pocketing Template (available by request from staff)
  • CNC Head Block Rhino file

CNC Operations

To use the CNC Router, first schedule an orientation with the Lab Manager or Mechanician and come with a digital model file for review. The CNC has a 4’ x 8’ bed size. Height limitations are more complicated and may vary depending upon project dimensions, tool choice, and tool path design; these are covered in detail during a special CNC orientation. A CNC job has five steps and may require separate appointments for each one.

  1. Propose a project and consult on materials and best practices.
  2. Have preliminary designs reviewed, and discuss file preparation.
  3. Purchase and process approved materials in the Shop according to instructions.
  4. Complete final preparation of files and schedule an appointment for the job. 
  5. With the Mechanician on hand, start the job.


  • At least one authorized person has to watch the machine at all times while it is running.
  • No laptop, mobile device, or ear-buds may be used or worn during the job.
  • Eye protection is required and ear protection is highly suggested for anyone in the room while the equipment is operational.
  • Stay outside the room while the CNC is cutting.
  • Users must clean the entire room after a job has been completed and put all tools back in their proper place. Shop Vacs are available for use.

CNC Approved Materials & Bits

Materials: Foam, mdf, plywood, and wood are okay. With Manager or Mechanician approval you may use plastics and cast plaster but no metal or glass allowed.

Bits: Most all commonly used bits will be provided by the DFL, except for 1/4" up and down bits which are available in the CED Materials Store. For unique cuts, specialty bits may be suggested along with ideas on where to purchase them.