Blade Cutter




Zünd S3 M-1600 Blade Cutter

Available Tools:

EOT- Electric Oscillating Tool: is ideally suited for cutting softer, medium-density materials.

UCT- Unversal Cutting Tool: for through-cutting materials with thicknesses up to approx. 5 mm/3/16“

CTT1- Creasing Tool 1: for processing single-wall corrugated cardboard. This tool accommodates crease wheels with a diameter of 61 mm/2.4” and a width of 20 mm/.8”

CTT2 - Creasing Tool 2: a universally applicable crease tool. It accommodates a wide range of crease wheels

DRT - Driven Rotary Tool: a cutting tool for fabrics and technical textiles, has high processing speeds

MAM-SE - Marker Module Electric: allows for marking and labeling of various materials


Users of the Blade Cutter will need to purchase their own base materials to be cut. Staff will purchase the materials specified via Papercut on job approval. The common knives or bits will be provided during Covid-19 modified services. 


Zund Template
Basic Training Guide


  • Files must be clean and well-constructed
  • Include a rectangle indicating the material edge around the parts laid out for cutting
  • Parts should be spaced ~0.25" from each other and 0.5" from the edge of the material
  • Use as few control points as possible
  • Small radius curves (e.g. holes) will break the blade and may not be approved
  • A template is available on this web page

Scheduling a Remote Service Zund Cutter Job

Staff will be taking remote service Zund cutter appointments. The lab has a first-come-first-served scheduling system that breaks out laser cutting reservations in 1/2 hour slots. Submitted jobs may take longer than a 1/2 hour to cut. Students are limited to two reservations per day and are also encouraged to group cutting into more efficient lay-outs. The following workflow details the process for preparing and submitting a job request:

  1. Download and use the template above to layout files for cutting and indicate which material(s) should be purchased. Papercut funds must be present for materials requested before the job starts. 
  2. Use the Scheduler to make an appointment and either provide a link to the prepared rhino file with bbox or google drive or upload <2MB to the Scheduler. 
  3. The file will be reviewed and if approved the material will be purchased and cut by staff.
  4. On job completion an email note will indicate the parts are ready for pickup in the shop yard with a combination for a specified locker . (See below for information about the shop yard lockers.)

Turn around time may be 24-48 hours from the appointment time and may increase during periods of high demand. All jobs will be done as soon as possible and could be completed sooner than the projected lead time.

Zund Materials available for Remote Service Cutting

Museum Board - 4Ply 32" x 40"
Foam Core Board 32" x 40" x 3/16"
Strathmore Bristol 100lb 19" x 24"

Completed work will be placed for pick-up in an assigned locker located in the ShopYard adjacent to the Digital Fabrication Lab, 279 Wurster Hall.