Digital Fabrication Lab


Student 3D projects dancing in the lab

Operations Dates and Times

History of the DFL

In 2014, CED opened its Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL) in part due to a bequest from Vernon DeMars (BA '31), celebrated architect and co-founder of the College of Environmental Design.  The DeMars gift, along with in-kind donations of design and construction expertise by alumni Mark Cavagnero (of Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects) and Tom Mead (formerly of WebCor Builders), allows CED to bring the best digital facilities to our students and faculty.  The 1,500-square-foot lab houses a variety of 2D and 3D digitally controlled equipment. 

Digital Fabrication Lab Staff

Fabrication Manager

Semar Prom
(510) 642-4903

DFL Manager

Chris K. Palmer
(510) 452-7528


CAD/CAM Mechanician
Kow Kao
Laura Mae deLeon
Grant Diffendaffer

Digital Fabrication Lab Equipment

  • 1- Universal Laser Systems ILS 12.150D laser cutter
  • 2- Universal Laser System X-660 laser cutters
  • 2- Universal PLS6.75 laser cutters
  • 1- V460 Laser cutter 
  • 2- Type A Machine 2014 Series 1 3D printer
  • 1- MakerBot Replicator 2 Gen 4 3D printer
  • 1- Refurbished BFB plastic 3D printer
  • 2- SeeMeCNC Orion Delta x2 3D printers
  • 1- SeeMeCNC Rostock max V2 3D printer
  • 1- CNC Router
  • 1- Tabletop 3-Axis metal mill
  • 1- Zund S3 Digital Blade Cutter
  • 1- NextEngine 3D Scanner Ultra HD
  • 1- DIWire (wire bending)