The Ghost Ship Community Development Studio Shares Stories and Raises Awareness

The Ghost Ship tragedy has raised concerns about Oakland’s industrial and warehouse DIY spaces, which are unique and affordable live-work spaces belonging to the community’s artists, makers, and other producers of culture. Read More »


Carolina Reid Weighs In on Affordable Housing Crisis in San Francisco

DCRP Associate Professor Carolina Reid weighs in on the housing crisis in California. "We are not going to solve the homelessness crisis if what people are expecting is that cities are going to build affordable housing for every one of those individuals." Read More »


Karen Chapple Discusses California’s Housing Crisis and Legislation

“The state of California is at the beginning of the process of doing real housing legislation. We’re going to have to get smarter.” Chair and Professor of City & Regional Planning Karen Chapple shares her thoughts on California's housing crisis and ADUs. Read More »


DCRP @ Cal Seeking INTERNSHIPS and MORE for our students!

Feel free to apply for Internship and Capstone Opportunities! Read More »