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Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Advising at the College of Environmental Design!

You can find us in 250 Wurster Hall. Our main phone number is (510) 642-4943. Please drop by or call with any advising questions, and explore our webpages for enrichment opportunities, graduation requirements, and procedural aspects and policies of the undergraduate programs at CED.

Advising Staff

Chip Sullivan Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Chip Sullivan
302 Wurster Hall
Susan Hagstrom Director, Undergraduate Advising
Susan Hagstrom
(510) 642-0408
Rhommel Cancare Adviser, Architecture Major
Rhommel Canare
(510) 642-4944
Nancy Trinh Adviser, Sustainable Environmental Design Major; College Evaluator
Nancy Trinh
(510) 642-0928
Omar Ramirez Adviser, Landscape Architecture Major and Urban Studies Major; Outreach Coordinator; Diversity Officer
Omar Ramirez
(510) 642-0926
Adrian Rodriguez CED Community Fellow
Adrian Rodriguez
Advising Intern
(510) 642-4943
Amy Wang
Andy Luo Career Counselor
Angie Luo
Schedule appts​
CED Personal Counselor
Amy Honigman
510-664-4575 or 510-642-6633
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