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Whether your interests lie in design, planning, research, teaching, public policy or community activism, our programs prepare you to take a leadership role in your chosen career.

As a student at CED, you might officially join one department (or two), but you can make yourself at home in other departments as well, through courses, international studios and workshops. And further opportunities abound across the world-class UC Berkeley campus. An interdisciplinary approach to design and planning is one of the hallmarks of CED, and as a result, our graduating students are equipped with the skills they need to be successful in their chosen careers, and prepared for the numerous challenges the world faces today.

Applying to the College of Environmental Design

The College of Environmental Design's admission cycle begins in September, when the UC Berkeley Graduate Division online application becomes available. Application deadlines are in December but vary by program, so be sure to check your program's deadline. Admission is for the fall semester of the following year. CED does not offer spring-semester admission.

All applicants must submit the UC Berkeley Graduate Division online application. In addition, applicants to the graduate programs at CED must meet CED program prerequisites and submit all required application materials, including any supplemental materials such as portfolios or writing samples.

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