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Ambassador Fall Retreat 2017

Ambassadors gain personal and professional skills by reaching out to local, national, and international communities. Outreach is done through managing high school and community college visits at Wurster, hosting prospective students on campus, panels, presentations, phone banking, Cal Day, development, use of multimedia tools, and more. 



Interested in visiting the College of Environmental Design?

We invite you to meet with a CED Admissions Ambassador — one of our current undergraduates who can talk with you about what life is like at CED and at Cal.

We are happy to personalize your visit to Wurster Hall and can offer:

  • Tours of Wurster Hall
  • Student panel discussions about the CED student experience
  • Presentations about CED
  • One-on-one conversations with ambassador(s)
  • Webinars, online chats, and email exchanges with ambassador(s)

Prospective freshman information sessions occur throughout the month of April. Prospective transfer information sessions occur throughout the academic year. See our events calendar for more information.

Email cedambassadors@berkeley.edu to schedule a visit at least two weeks in advance (four weeks in advance, if possible, for groups of 50 or more people). Include name, email address, phone number, size of group, school/organization (if applicable), 2-5 possible dates and times, and what you would like from your visit.

Join the 2017-2018 CED Admissions Ambassador Program!

Applications due April 27, 2017. Click here for more information.

Meet the 2016-17 Ambassadors!

Do you have questions about the College of Environmental Design? Email one of our Ambassadors!

Allison Yang
Architecture and City Planning (minor), Junior
Irvine, CA

I love art and I love math, and I thought architecture sort of combined the two, making it the perfect major for me! In my free time, I love to bake, and I really enjoy hiking Berkeley's many trails. In the future, I would love to work on international projects and travel the world.


Angela Kim
Architecture, Junior
Pleasanton, CA

When I'm not in the studio you will probably find me watching youtube videos or petting/ admiring a dog. Additionally I enjoy playing volleyball and taking photos with my film camera. Taking photos and developing in film encourages me to explore cities on foot and helps me slow down in my fast-paced environment.

Angelica Kim
Sustainable Environmental Design and Geospatial Information Science and Technology (minor), Senior
Sao Paulo, Brazil

I love to visit new places and try out new food. When I first came to Berkeley, I had the opportunity to try out Thai food, Indian curry, Hawaiian poke, Japanese Korean fusion, and Mediterranean food among many others for the first time ever! Recently, I've enjoyed exploring a lot of places in Oakland, Walnut Creek and Mission area in San Francisco. I look forward to travel further out and explore more places like Napa Valley, Yosemite, Marin and Lake Tahoe.

Chadwick Bowlin
Sustainable Environmental Design, Sophomore
Sacramento, CA

Hey! I'm Chadwick, 1st year SED major here. I'm super passionate about the intersection of building design and sustainability (Trombe walls and equity). I chose SED because I love the variety of classes I can take and the emphasis on research and design. CED is my home, and I am happy to show you around! On my free time, I love to watercolor and listen to podcasts - ask me about those things too.


Dani Solis
Urban Studies and Food Systems (minor), Junior
San Jose, CA

I'm very interested in the intersection between health and place, specifically concerning sustainable urban food systems. I've had so many opportunities to share my interests with my peers through my involvement in food discourse, and I am thankful to CED for giving me the chance to explore subjects I never would have before. One professional goal that encapsulates my interest in place and health is going to grad school to receive a joint Master's in Public Health and City Planning!


Garrett Seno
Urban Studies, Sophomore
Elk Grove, CA

Hey ya'll! As an Urban Studies major, I find myself fascinated by people and the power we have as designers of the built environment to influence how people interact with each other and the space they are in. I love how CED lets me explore different interests in sustainability and urban design as well. Outside of Wurster I love going on hikes or sleeping on the Glade. Feel free to say hi or ask me a question if you see me around!


Ghalia Ammar
Communications and Engagement Coordinator
Architecture and Sustainable Design (minor), Junior
Damascus, Syria

I am pursuing a major in architecture in CED because I find it a gift to be able to see my ideas existing in real life through drawings and models. I am minoring in Sustainable Environmental Design to support my interest in Net Zero Energy buildings and natural lighting with architecture. When I am not in Wurster, I mostly listen to music or sing while doing other work because music takes me to a new world.

Jackie Serrano
Architecture, City Planning (minor) and the Social and Cultural Factors in Environmental Design (minor), Junior
Lake Elsinore, CA

For all of my time spent on a computer designing by myself, I really enjoy interacting with people. I have done a lot of work in student affairs as an orientation leader and an admissions ambassador which really allowed me to share a lot of experiences and be a part of many stories on this campus. I also really enjoy getting out of Berkeley into the greater bay area to visit museums, restaurants, and shops which allows me opportunities to inhabit and learn from a variety of spaces.

Nicole Roman
Training Coordinator
Architecture and City Planning (minor), Junior
Great Falls, VA

As an Architecture major and City Planning minor, my goal is to design more inclusive public spaces in cities. I chose CED specifically because the interdisciplinary nature of the college allows me to take classes across departments and gain a well-rounded understanding of the city. Outside of Wurster, I’m involved in a student organization that teaches dance at local after school programs, sponsors on-campus dance workshops, and teaches dance at retirement homes. I also love going on hikes with my dogs back home and listening to music, especially from animated Disney movies.

Shaun Lien
Architecture, Junior
Hsinchu, Taiwan

My interest in architecture is definitely rooted in traveling and seeing all kinds of cool buildings. I've been really into design and architecture documentaries recently but I also love watching movies in general. In my free time, I like to walk around in the city and take pictures of run-down, deserted houses (FUN!).


Stephanie Tang
Outreach Coordinator
Architecture and Sustainable Design (minor), Junior
San Francisco, CA

As an architecture major, I am interested in developing an understanding of how adapting our built environment to combat climate change and social injustice can be accomplished simultaneously. I'm also interested in other branches of design, including graphic and web design. Outside of Wurster, I like to search for new food places in the Bay Area and go to concerts!