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Why Study Abroad?


CED encourages all CED undergraduate students to study abroad. Whether you are interested in fulfilling seven course breadth requirements, taking elective courses or courses related to your major/career, or simply living and studying in a country that is of interest to you, we will work with you to make it happen.

Studying abroad is an adventure that builds self-confidence, valuable skills, and global perspectives on your major. There is no better time in life to travel, meet people from around the world who share your passions and goals, experience foreign cultures, taste new foods, and grow in your understanding of the world.

Study abroad programs are offered for one semester, a full academic year or a summer session. With careful planning and guidance from a CED academic advisor and a Berkeley Study Abroad advisor, you can complete a program without delaying graduation. View CED’s Recommended Steps to Study Abroad.

Jacqueline Tooley, Sustainable Environmental Design

UCEAP: FU-BEST Berlin, Germany (3rd year, Spring 2019)

Favorite Classes: 20th Century European Art, Art and Dictatorship, Green Business

“I learned a lot about European building practices and culture that shapes their eco-friendly cities. Europe is an amazing hub for startups and new eco-friendly ideas. Berlin especially a must for anyone interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle”

Frances Yang, Architecture

UC Global Internships, Singapore (2nd year, Summer, 2019)

Favorite Class: IAS 196

“Friendships and culture experience are the two most valuable things I took away from this trip. Interning/studying abroad expanded my horizon and gave me an insight into what is possible beyond the Berkeley bubble.”

Ricardo Capretta, President Capretta Properties

Erika Ruiz, Urban Studies 

UC Global Internships: Sydney, Australia (2nd year, Summer, 2019)

Favorite Class: Undergraduate & Interdisciplinary Studies W158, Global Citizenship

“Being an Urban Studies major that comes across learning about different types of cities around the world in an enclosed class environment, I believe it is vital for one to completely immerse themselves in an entirely new culture in order to gain a greater understanding of how other cities outside our scope function and live. A study abroad experience is a great opportunity to learn new perspectives, develop cross-cultural awareness and understand what it truly means to be a global citizen. “

Ricardo Capretta, President Capretta Properties

Brianda Cera, Landscape Architecture

Berkeley Summer Abroad: Guardamar, Spain (1st year, Summer 2019)

Favorite Class: Environmental Design 121

“I really recommend this Study Abroad to other CED students because as designers, we might not always be designing for our home communities. We might be working on a place that we did not know of before, and knowing how to get to know a place and their rituals might help inform our own designs for that special and unique place. Thus, seeing how other places tackle design problems through your own eyes and maybe experiencing them hands on (instead of through a lecture) is also very interesting and informational.”

Types of Programs

Berkeley Summer Abroad UC Berkeley’s own study abroad program featuring intensive summer programs led by Berkeley faculty and lecturers.
Berkeley Global Internships UC Berkeley academic internship program with placements in the San Francisco Bay Area and locations around the globe.
UCEAP UC systemwide study abroad program offers summer, semester, and year options in 45 countries worldwide.
Other UC Summer Programs UC Summer Abroad programs offer students short, intensive faculty-led academic courses taught by world-class UC faculty. 
Independent Programs (typically minimal financial aid)  Study, internship, and volunteer programs from non-UC institutions and providers.

For additional programs and more detailed information, see the Berkeley Study Abroad Program Providers at a Glance handout here and the Berkeley Study Abroad website.

CED’s Recommended Steps to Study Abroad

I’m interested in studying abroad. What are my next steps?

The earlier you begin your research, the better! Below is CED’s recommended list of next steps to explore studying abroad.

Step 1: Clarification of Personal Goals
  • Reflect on your personal, academic and professional priorities and goals for your experience abroad using the Berkeley Study Abroad Program Planning Worksheet. When and where you wish to study abroad, the duration of your stay, whether or not you wish to satisfy degree requirements abroad, and financial needs are all important factors to consider before researching your options. Clarity in regards to these factors will help you narrow down your options and provide you focus while exploring the vast array of study abroad options available.
Step 2: Program Exploration 
  • Explore your options using the Berkeley Study Abroad website. The Study Abroad Search Tool allows you to explore by term, location, language of instruction, and program provider. Each result includes a link to the corresponding program website for additional information. Be sure to review the detailed eligibility on each individual program listing. Program eligibility is determined by the program provider.
  • Interested in a UCEAP program? Filter by discipline using the ​UCEAP Search Tool​.
  • Join the Berkeley Study Abroad mailing list to stay up to date on events and deadlines.
  • Attend events put on my the Berkeley Study Abroad Office including the Study Abroad Fair. 
  • Review our Academic Planning webpage to view a sample of programs related to the built environment, lists of pre-approved courses for degree requirements, and CED’s policies regarding study abroad. 
Step 3: Meet with your Advisors
  • Meet with a CED Academic Advisor
    • Visit 250 Wurster Hall to discuss your study abroad interests with an advisor and create a graduation plan including the term you wish to study abroad. Ensure all degree requirements can be satisfied in time for graduation, including senior residency.
  • Meet with a Berkeley Study Abroad Advisor and Financial Aid Counselor
    • Visit 160 Stephens Hall and meet with a Berkeley Study Abroad Advisor during drop-in hours to discuss your program interests, application requirements, applicable deadlines and required paperwork.
    • Meet with a counselor from the Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to discuss and understand your funding options.
Step 4: Apply to a Program by the Deadline
  • Application deadlines can be up to 10 months in advance of the program start date. 
Step 5: If Accepted to a Program 
  • If you are accepted to a program, complete any next steps required by your program to complete the application process by the given deadlines.
  • Meet with a CED academic advisor to finalize your graduation plan, and if necessary, adjust your expected graduation date in Cal Central. Confirm you will meet senior residency requirements with your program plan.
Step 6: Study Abroad!
  • Enjoy your time abroad!
Step 7: Upon Returning
  • Meet with a CED Academic Advisor to check in about your remaining graduation plan.
  • If you enjoyed your experience and would recommend your program and classes to other CED students, speak with a CED advisor about adding your recommendations to the CED website and or tell us about your experience by submitting a testimonial here.

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