Landscape Architecture + Environmental Planning

Undergraduate Minor in Landscape Architecture

History and Theory of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

The Program

The minor in History and Theory of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning introduces students to conceptual issues of landscape architecture. Open to all majors at UC Berkeley except landscape architecture.

See below for instructions on how to declare the minor. For your minor to be added to your transcript, you must file the CED Minor Completion form with the Office of Undergraduate Advising in 250 Wurster Hall during the semester in which you complete your last class for the minor.

Note: Requirements for the minor are currently under review and are subject to change.

Faculty Adviser Staff Adviser*
Louise Mozingo
310 Wurster Hall
Omar Ramirez
250 Wurster Hall

* For paperwork and basic scheduling issues.


  1. A letter grade of C- or higher in ENV DES 1, LD ARCH 1, or LD ARCH 12 is required to declare the minor. To declare, download and complete the Request to Add Minor Form from the Forms and Documents page on the CED website. Submit the petition to the Staff Adviser listed above.
  2. Each course used to fulfill minor requirements must be completed with a letter grade of C- or higher.
  3. Students must earn a 2.0 GPA in the upper division requirements for the minor.
  4. Any course used in fulfillment of minor requirements may also be used to fulfill major and upper division CED non-major requirements.
  5. Courses used to fulfill a breadth requirement may also be used to satisfy minor requirements.
  6. Students may apply the non-CED version of a CED cross-listed course towards the minor.
  7. Students may use up to two courses taken abroad to fulfill upper division minor requirements, with faculty approval of the individual courses.

Lower Division Requirement

One of the following (a letter grade of C- or higher is required to declare the minor):

  • ENV DES 1 (3) Introduction to Environmental Design
  • LD ARCH 1 (4) Drawing a Green Future: Fundamentals of Visual Representation and Creativity

  • LD ARCH 12 (4) Environmental Science for Sustainable Development

Upper Division Requirements

Select five additional courses from the following list; all must be completed with a letter grade of C- or higher:

  • LD ARCH 110 (4) Ecological Analysis
  • LD ARCH 111 Plants in Design

  • LD ARCH 130 (3) Sustainable Landscapes and Cities
  • LD ARCH 135 The Art of Landscape Drawing

  • LD ARCH 136 Advanced Landscape Delineation

  • LD ARCH 140 (3) Social and Psychological Factors in Open Space Design
  • LD ARCH 141 AC (3) The American Landscape: Multicultural Difference and Diversity

  • LD ARCH 170 (3) History and Literature of Landscape Architecture

  • LD ARCH C171 (3) The American Designed Landscape Since 1850 (F) (cross-listed with AMERSTD C171)
  • LD ARCH  C 177 GIS and Environmental Spatial Analysis

  • LD ARCH  C188 Geographic Information Systems