City + Regional Planning

Undergraduate Minor in City Planning

The Program

The Department of City and Regional Planning offers a minor in city and regional planning that is open to all majors at UC Berkeley except urban studies. Each year about 80 students in colleges ranging from Environmental Design, Letters and Science, and Natural Resources complete the minor. The city planning minor provides students with the knowledge of how cities function, how urban processes might be researched, and how urban environments can be transformed through planning, policy, design, and social action. While the minor cannot convey the full scope of city planning, various combinations of courses in the minor program can, we feel, augment a major program with a particular slant or emphasis on planning issues or processes.

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Charisma Acey
Chair, Faculty Committee
312A Bauer Wurster Hall
Kristian Dawson
250 Bauer Wurster Hall

* For paperwork and basic scheduling issues.


  1. A letter grade of C- or higher is required in two lower division requirements to declare the minor.
  2. To declare, complete the College of Environmental Design Request to Declare Minor Form from the “FORMS + DOCUMENTS” page. DEADLINE to submit form is one semester prior to a student's final semester.
  3. Each course used to fulfill minor requirements must be completed with a letter grade of C- or higher.
  4. Students must earn a 2.0 GPA in the upper division requirements for the minor.
  5. CED Students: Any course used in fulfillment of minor requirements may also be used to fulfill major and upper division CED non-major requirements.
  6. CED Students: Courses used to fulfill a breadth requirement may also be used to satisfy minor requirements.
  7. Students may apply the non-CED version of a CED cross-listed course towards the minor.
  8. Students may use up to two courses taken abroad to fulfill upper division minor requirements, with faculty approval of the individual courses.

Lower Division Requirements

Students are required to complete two lower division minor requirements from the following list of courses. A letter grade of C- or higher is required in each course to declare the minor. The two courses must be from a different subject area (economics, statistics, or environmental design).

If economics is taken at another college (and transferred in), it should be either microeconomics or micro and macro together.

  • ECON 1 Introduction to Economics (4)
  • ECON 2 Introduction to Economics (4)
  • ECON C3 Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy (4)
  • ENVECON C1 Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy (4)
  • AP Economics, Micro (passing score of 3 or above)
  • CIV ENG 93 Engineering Data Analysis
  • STAT 2 Introduction to Statistics (4)
  • DATA C8\COMPSCI C8\INFO C8\STAT C8 Foundations of Data Science (4)
  • STAT 20 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (4)*
  • STAT 21 Introductory Probability and Statistics for Business (4)*
  • STAT 131A Statistical Inferences for Social and Life Scientists (4)
  • AP Statistics (passing score of 3 or above)
Environmental Design
  • ENV DES 1 People and Environmental Design (3)
  • ENV DES 4A Design and Activism (3), ENV DES 4B Global Cities (3), or ENV DES 4C Future Ecologies (3) - approved starting Fall 2020

Upper Division Requirements

A total of five courses must be completed as outlined below; all must be completed with a letter grade of C- or higher.

  • CY PLAN 110 Intro to City Planning (4)

Plus four additional courses: At least three from List 1 (planning courses) and not more than one from List 2 (planning-related courses).

Exception: Students who fulfilled at least one upper-division City and Regional Planning minor requirement Summer 2013 or prior may use two courses from List 2.

Note: All courses may be from List 1 (no courses are required from List 2).

  • CYPLAN 101: Intro to Urban Data Analytics (4)
  • CY PLAN 111 Intro to Housing (3) (infrequently offered)
  • CY PLAN 113A Economic Analysis for Planning (3)
  • CY PLAN 113B Community and Economic Development (replaced by CYPLAN 160)
  • CY PLAN 114 Introduction to Urban and Regional Transportation (3)
  • CY PLAN 115 Urbanization in Developing Countries (4)
  • CY PLAN N115 Urbanization in Developing Countries (summer semester only) (3)
  • CY PLAN 117AC Urban and Community Health (4)
  • CY PLAN 118AC The Urban Community (4)
  • CY PLAN 119 Planning for Sustainability (3)
  • CY PLAN 120 Community Planning and Public Policy for Disability (3)
  • CY PLAN 130 U.S. Housing, Planning, and Policy (3)
  • CY PLAN C139 Urban and Sub-national Politics in Developing Countries (4) (infrequently offered)
  • CY PLAN 140 Urban Design: City-Building and Place-Making (3)
  • CYPLAN 160: The Origins and Practice of Community Development (4)
  • CY PLAN 190 Advanced Topics in Urban Studies (topics vary by semester) (2-4)
  • ENV DES 100 The City: Theories and Methods of Urban Studies (4)
  • AFRICAM 107 Race and Public Policy (3)
  • ANTHRO 189 Special Topics in Social/Cultural Anthropology (4)
  • DEV STD C100 History of Development and Underdevelopment (4) (cross-listed as GEOG C112)
  • DEMOG C126 Social Consequences of Population Dynamics (4) (cross-listed as SOCIOL C126)
  • ECON C102 Natural Resource Economics (4) (F) (cross-listed with ENVECON C102)
  • ECON C125 Economics of the Environment (4) (cross-listed as ENVECON C101)
  • ECON 131 Public Sector Microeconomics (4)
  • ECON C171 Economic Development (4) (cross-listed as ENVECON C151)
  • EDUC 186AC  The Southern Border * (4) (cross-listed w/ETH STD 159AC and GEOG 159AC)
  • ENE, RES C100 Energy and Society (4) (cross-listed as PUB POL C184)
  • ESPM 102D Resource and Environmental Policy (4)
  • ESPM 165 International Rural Development Policy (4)
  • ESPM 168 Political Ecology (4)
  • ESPM 169 International Environmental Politics (4)
  • ETH STD 181AC Prison (4)
  • GEOG 110 Economics Geography of the Industrial World (4)
  • GEOG 181 Urban Field Study (4)
  • GLOBAL 100D Global Development: Theory, History, Geography (4)
  • GLOBAL C100D Global Development: Theory, History, Geography (4)
  • LGL STDS 182 Law, Politics, and Society (4)
  • POL SCI 139D Urban and Sub-national Politics in Developing Countries (4)
  • POL SCI 181 Public Organization and Administration (4)
  • PB HLTH 150B Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences (3)
  • PUBPOL 103 Wealth & Poverty (3)
  • PUBPOL C184 The Economics of Public Problem Solving (4)
  • SOCIOL 110 Organizations and Social Institutions (4)
  • SOCIOL 124 Sociology of Poverty (4) (also taught as SOCIOL 124AC)
  • SOCIOL C126 Social Consequences of Population Dynamics (cross-listed as DEMOG C126) (4)
  • SOCIOL 127 Development and Globalization (4)
  • SOCIOL 136 Urban Sociology (3)
  • UGBA 105 Leading People (3)
  • UGBA 180 Introduction to Real Estate and Urban Land Economics (3)
  • UGBA 184 Urban and Real Estate Economics (3)
  • UGBA 192P Sustainable Business Consulting Projects (3)
Courses below are List 2 courses that have been phased out of the City Planning Minor. They may only be used if taken Summer 2013 and prior.
  • ARCH 170A History: Survey of Architecture and Urbanism (4)
  • ARCH 170B History: Survey of Architecture and Urbanism (4)
  • ARCH 136 The Literature of Space (3)
  • ENV DES 170 The Social Art of Architecture (3)
  • GEOG C188 Geographic Information Systems (4) (cross-listed with LD ARCH C188)
  • IAS 115 Urbanization in Developing Countries (4)
  • LD ARCH 130 Sustainable Landscapes and Cities (3)

Note: ENV DES 100 "The City: Theories and Methods of Urban Studies," can satisfy a "List 1: Planning Course," but will not satisfy a lower division minor requirement.