City + Regional Planning

Admission Prerequisites

Master of City Planning


The application cycle for the Master of City Planning program opens in September. Admission is for the fall semester of the following year. We do not accept spring-semester admissions. Please see Graduate Admissions for application deadlines and procedures.

Criteria and Prerequisites


For statistics on last year's M.C.P. admission cycle — number of applications received, number of applicants admitted, average GPA, age range, gender breakdown, etc. — see Admission Statistics.

Admissions Criteria

Minimum requirements for admission include:

  • A 3.0 GPA for the last two years of undergraduate study;
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university;
  • The Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • All applicants from countries in which the official language is not English are required to submit official evidence of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS)

Other factors that weigh heavy  in the review process include your statemens (Statement of Purpose, Personal History Statment), letters of recommendation and work experience. Be sure to submit recommendations from individuals who know you well and can speak for the quality of your work. One or two recommendations should be submitted from people who are in position to appraise your depth of character and commitment, work effectiveness, ability to work with people and leadership potential on the job or in community activities. At least one should come from someone who can evaluate your performance in academic settings. The two statements, as a unit, should clearly present why you are interested in a planning career, your goals, and what you hope to achieve in a Berkeley professional program. 

Recommended Prerequisites

Work in this field requires at a minimum the ability to write well and the ability to master analytic skills in quantitative methods. It also requires some familiarity with political institutions and governmental organizations. DCRP expects entering students to demonstrate basic skills/conceptual understanding in the following areas:

  • Writing Ability: All entering students must demonstrate their ability to write clearly and organize their thoughts in a coherent manner. Evidence of this skill would be provided in an applicant's Statements of Purpose, or a submission of written work.
  • Introductory Statistics: In planning, one must be able to identify the characteristics of and interrelationships between aggregates of one kind or another: people, places, structures, buildings, organizations, etc. Some knowledge of descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing is therefore essential for introductory planning studies, especially for those student who seek to master the more advanced statistical methods in planning analysis. Students with no mathematics background may find it helpful to also take some college-level math in addition to the statistics, to enhance your comfort with the field if for no other reason.
  • Economics: Students should have taken introductory microeconomics at a minimum. Most planning issues involve resource allocation problems of one kind or another, and microeconomic analysis can be an immensely helpful tool in such instances.

THESE PREREQUISITES ARE NOT REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION. Any student who shows potential and meets general UC Berkeley Admission requirements as well as current DCRP criteria, may be admitted.