College of Environmental Design

Minor in History of the Built Environment

The Program

The undergraduate minor in the History of the Built Environment is designed to give students an awareness of the history of the built environment through a series of courses in history, architectural history, and cultural landscape. It is offered to all majors. The college’s purpose in offering minors is twofold: to provide a secondary focus to a student’s degree and to bring these additional courses together into a coherent pattern. This minor requires consultation with a faculty advisor in order to best meet this end.


Faculty Advisor Staff Advisor*
Margaret Crawford
480 Bauer Wurster Hall

Mel Barbers
250 Bauer Wurster Hall

* For paperwork and basic scheduling issues.


  1. A letter grade of C- or higher in ENV DES 1 is required to declare the minor.
  2. To declare, complete the College of Environmental Design Request to Declare Minor Form from the “FORMS + DOCUMENTS” page. DEADLINE to submit form is one semester prior to a student's final semester.
  3. Each course used to fulfill minor requirements must be completed with a letter grade of C- or higher.
  4. Students must earn a 2.0 GPA in the upper division requirements for the minor.
  5. CED Students: Any course used in fulfillment of minor requirements may also be used to fulfill major and upper division CED non-major requirements.
  6. CED Students: Courses used to fulfill a breadth requirement may also be used to satisfy minor requirements.
  7. Students may apply the non-CED version of a CED cross-listed course towards the minor.
  8. Students may use up to two courses taken abroad to fulfill upper division minor requirements, with faculty approval of the individual courses.

Lower Division Requirement

  • ENV DES 1 (3) People and Environmental Design (a letter grade of C- or higher is required to declare the minor).

Required Courses

A total of five courses must be completed as outlined below, all with a letter grade of C- or higher.

  1. ARCH 170A (4) Historical Surveys of Architecture and Urbanism.
  2. ARCH 170B (4) Historical Surveys of Architecture and Urbanism.
  3. One upper-division, non-CED course with a focus on history and environmental design. Approval required by faculty minor advisor. To request review please follow “CED Course Substitution and Curriculum Petition Process” on the “FORMS + DOCUMENTS” page.

Two of the following:

  • ARCH 179 (3) Special Topics in the History of Architecture (various offerings each semester)
  • GEOG 160 (4) American Landscapes: History, Geography, and the Built Environment
  • HISTART 108 (4) Cities and the Arts
  • LD ARCH 170 (3) History of Landscape Architecture (not applicable for landscape architecture majors)
  • LD ARCH C171 (3) The American Designed Landscape Since 1850