College of Environmental Design

Urban Design

The need for urban designers is urgent. Worldwide, the cities of both developing and developed countries are struggling with problems of managing rapid growth. Urban design professionals are as necessary in cities of developing countries, where infrastructure and land use patterns are being established, as in developed cities, where historical continuity and the reuse of existing sites are major issues.

Urban Design Faculty

Faculty from the three departments in the College of Environmental Design who are engaged in urban design research, teaching, and professional practice make up the core group in urban design.

Master of Urban Design Program

The Master of Urban Design degree program is a one-year, advanced, interdisciplinary program of study for students with a prior professional degree in architecture, landscape architecture, or city and regional planning. The program's goals are to further train designers who are able to work effectively in teams across a large range of scales and who have a well-developed understanding of urban places and the interdependencies of the fabric of buildings, landscapes, public ways, and the social interactions that shape them.

Urban Design Concentrations

The College of Environmental Design offers several other avenues for studying urban design: