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Summer [IN]STITUTE in Environmental Design

July 6 - August 14, 2015

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Our six-week summer programs give students the opportunity to test their enthusiasm for the material and culture of environmental design.

The Summer [IN]STITUTE, offered by the College of Environmental Design (CED) at UC Berkeley, consists of [IN]ARCH, [IN]LAND, and [IN]CITY, three introductory programs in architecture, landscape architecture and sustainble city planning for post-baccalaureate students or senior-level undergraduates, as well as [IN]ARCH ADV, an advanced studio for post-baccalaureate students who have a degree in architecture or who are senior-level architecture majors. Students in the Summer [IN]STITUTE explore the methods and theories of the fields, experience the culture of design and planning studios, connect to top faculty and practitioners, and build a portfolio for graduate school application.

Each program consists of a lecture series, a design or planning studio, and either a seminar or media course, taught by faculty from the Departments of Architecture; Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning; and City and Regional Planning. Students enroll in the program under a Pass/No Pass option and, after fulfilling the program requirements, receive a certificate of completion. All classes are held in Wurster Hall, CED's home on the UC Berkeley campus.

For detailed program descriptions and academic lead bios, visit the following pages:

"The summer I spent at Berkeley was a perfect beginning to my career and academic pursuits in architecture. Not only was the program fun and engaging, but it was extremely motivating. My section teacher played a huge role in motivating and inspiring me. His constant energy and positive attitude were contagious in the studio and had a big impact on the level of my work."

Andrew Piotrowski, [IN]ARCH alumnus

Summer Institute

Nearly 90% of Summer Institute students surveyed from the 2013 program who applied to graduate school were admitted.

Summer Institute

"This program helped to reassure me that I can take my passion for social and environmental issues and have a successful and satisfying career in planning. It also gave me the confidence and experience needed to apply and get accepted into grad school."

Debbie So, [IN]CITY alumna


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