Undergraduate Minor in Architecture

The Program

The Department of Architecture offers an undergraduate minor in architecture that is open to students in all majors at UC Berkeley except architecture. The purpose of this minor is to introduce students to the conceptual, technical, and design aspects of architecture.

For your minor to be added to your transcript, you must file the CED Minor Completion form with the Office of Undergraduate Advising in 250 Wurster Hall during the semester in which you complete your last class for the minor.

Faculty Adviser Staff Adviser*
Ray Lifchez
474 Wurster Hall
Rhommel Canare
250 Wurster Hall

* For paperwork and basic scheduling issues.


  1. ENV DES 1 (3)
  2. ARCH DES 11A (4); (formerly Env Des 11A)
  3. ARCH DES 11B (5); (formerly Env Des 11B)

Required Courses

All upper-division courses must be completed with a letter grade of C- or better.

  1. ARCH 100A (6) Fundamentals of Architectural Design
  2. ARCH 100B (6) Fundamentals of Architectural Design
  3. ARCH 170A (4) Historical Surveys of Architecture and Urbanism
  4. ARCH 170B (4) Historical Surveys of Architecture and Urbanism
  5. One course from the following:
    • ARCH 110AC (4) Social and Cultural Factors in Design
    • ARCH 120 (3) Practice of Architecture
    • ARCH 130 (3) Design Theories and Methods
    • ARCH 140 (4) Building Environments
    • ARCH 150 (4) Structures
    • ARCH 160 (4) Construction and Materials