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Some planners work on broad, community-wide plans; others focus on specific issues. Ultimately, planners advocate the best use of a community’s land and resources for residential, commercial, educational, and recreational purposes. When beginning a project, planners work with public officials, community members, and other groups to identify community issues and goals.

Using research, data analysis, and collaboration with interest groups, planners formulate strategies to address issues and to meet goals. They also may help carry out community plans, oversee projects, and organize the work of the groups involved. Projects may range from a policy recommendation for a specific initiative to a long-term, comprehensive area plan.

Planners use a variety of tools and technology in their work, including geographic information systems (GIS) that analyze and manipulate data. GIS is used to integrate data with electronic maps. For example, planners use GIS to overlay a land map with population density indicators. They also use statistical software, visualization and presentation programs, financial spreadsheets, and other database and software programs.

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