College of Environmental Design

CED Connects


The College of Environmental Design is pleased to announce CED Connects, an online networking resource connecting CED students with alumni who might provide advice, information, and support. As a student, you can gain perspective on your long-term career goals; acquire advice on balancing education, career, and extracurricular activities; and receive honest feedback and encouragement. As an alum, you have the opportunity to build a student's confidence, knowledge, and motivation needed to succeed by sharing your expertise and support. CED Connects on LinkedIn provides a powerful tool to let students and alumni broaden their network and networking skills.

  1. Create or update your LinkedIn Profile. Add “UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design” to your profile.
  2. Ask to join the LinkedIn Group “CED Connects
  3. Connect with students/alumni who share similar career, academic, or cultural interests
  4. Set up a time to meet over coffee, email, a phone call or Skype!
  5. Post questions, events, career advice, professional resources, and jobs

How the Program Works:

  • Students select one or more alumni from the group, initiate the first contact with alumni, and take the lead on staying in touch.
  • Alumni do not have to be located in the Bay Area: communication can be via email, phone, or in person.
  • Those who are interested in face-to-face meeting are encouraged to attend activities together (i.e. office tour, planning lecture, resume review, social event, informational interviews, etc).

We realize that both students and mentors have busy schedules and simply ask that you do your best to make this relationship meaningful.  If both parties can only find time to communicate through email, exchange messages as frequently as possible.  Whether or not meetings are possible, it should go without saying that communication is key!