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The sustainable environmental design major recognizes that the emergent, multidisciplinary field of sustainability science is growing rapidly. As the world population urbanizes, the planning and design of resilient, resource-efficient, healthy and socially just cities and metropolitan regions is profoundly important. The College of Environmental Design, with its long-standing expertise in sustainable urbanism and design, is an ideal setting for an undergraduate major in sustainable environmental design, with a focus on the built environment. Whether they are called green jobs, sustainability jobs, or environmental jobs, the number of open positions within the sustainability field grows every day.  From engineer and analyst to manager and designer, existing and emerging careers in sustainable development cover a broad spectrum.

Careers in Green Construction

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Sustainable Environmental Design Career Related Notes:

Every company, every client is looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and to boost marketing opportunities – all of which are inherent to sustainable design principles and methodologies. Thus career opportunities are as wide as you can set your sights.

Some examples of potential career opportunities include:

  • Sustainable Design consultant
  • Sustainable Design Education coordinator
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant
  • Sustainability design strategist-- within a private organization focusing on: product materials, packaging, supply chains, real estate development, building facilities, etc...
  • Environmental Program Coordinator
  • Green marketing
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • International development
  • Community economic development
  • Renewable energy

Career Resources

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Local Bay Area Organizations:

  • SPUR – A San Francisco and San Jose based public policy think-tank whose mission is “to promote good planning and good government.”
  • Urban Ecology – San Francisco organization dedicated to using planning, design, and policy to create sustainable and fair neighborhoods.
  • Urban Habitat – Oakland organization dedicated to empowering low-income communities through research, advocacy, and coalition building.