Facilities Services

Studio Policies

Wurster Hall Pledge

At Wurster Hall, we strive to maintain a creative and professional work environment. This is based on the idea that students are individuals that respect each other, their work space, and the facilities. We ask you to work in partnership with the faculty and staff to build an ethic of stewardship for your workspace, and in turn the environment. By using your workspace responsibly, you can directly reduce your ecological footprint. The following policy was developed to support a culture of respect and responsibility for each other and the facilities.

Studio Etiquette

  • Students are responsible for keeping work areas in good order and should clean up after themselves. Do not expect that a custodian will clean up trash that has been left or swept onto the floor. Recycling containers are provided for mixed paper, cardboard, and beverage containers. Reusable materials have a designated space on each floor. Use these containers and spaces properly, and help conserve our earth’s resources.
  • Work only in the studio spaces assigned to you, not in adjacent corridors or on other floors. Keep corridors and stairways free of furniture and debris. Fire corridors must be left completely open.
  • If you see anyone in the class engaging in anything that is unsafe or expressly forbidden in the agreement, try to talk to them quietly or slip them an anonymous note. You may speak with your instructor if you prefer avoiding confrontation. The studio is a place of work and learning; please act professionally.

Working in the Studios

  • Do not cut directly on desk, tables, or floors. Always use a cutting mat. Drilling and cutting tools cannot be used in the studios.
  • All aerosol media (spray paint and glue) are COMPLETELY BANNED from the studio space. These materials damage desks and floors, as well as release toxic chemicals in an enclosed space. Use the areas located outside the rear entry doors of the 6th, 7th, and 8th floor studios and the spray booth in the Fabrication Shop (after completing the shop orientation) for any and all spraying.
  • Cast media (plaster, hydrostone, etc.) must not be used, as they damage the floors and desks, and clog sink drains. These materials may be used in the Fabrication Shop after completing the shop orientation.
  • Do not pour chemicals or other harmful materials into the sink or onto the ground. Do not put hazardous materials into the garbage. This includes batteries, razors, and all chemical containers. Use the red sharps containers on each studio floor for razors and broken glass. Batteries can be disposed of at the reuse carts, or at the facilities office.

Facility Modification

  • Any unauthorized facility modifications will be removed. The students responsible will be assessed a fee to correct the damages.
  • Do not suspend anything from the ceiling, light fixtures or sprinkler pipes.
  • Do not glue or nail anything to the desks, floors or walls.

Campus Policy

  • University policy prohibits the use of drilling and cutting power tools in the studios.
  • Any actions that violate UC Berkeley policies and rules are not acceptable.

Safety and Security

  • Security is an important community responsibility. Do not prop open doors or windows after 6 p.m. Keep an eye on people entering the studios after hours and alert the campus police or the instructors if you notice a problem.
  • Try not to walk home alone at night, and if necessary use the University police department’s BearWALK escort service to help ensure your safety.

Student Agreement

You, the student, agree to put your commitment to environmental design into a high standard of care for Wurster Hall. You agree to this pledge as an indication that you are aware of these rules and guidelines and will do everything you can to honor their word and spirit.