2017 Maker Workshops

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Summer 2017 Workshops:

Looking for fun and challenging design/build opportunities? CED's Fabrication Shop and Digital Fabrication Lab offers Maker Workshops that allow you to explore methods of woodworking, metalworking and digital fabrication in a low-pressure atmosphere with the guidance of expert makers.

  • Participants will craft sophisticated modern pieces using fundamental fabrication skills.
  • Fabrication Shop workshops are designed to give participants of all skill levels increased confidence and competence with analog and power tools.
  • Digital Fabrication Lab workshops allow participants to try their hand at the most powerful digital tools commercially available!
  • Your take-away is a finished, one-of-a-kind object, as well as a deeper understanding of the materials and tools used in its making plus "Yeah, I made that" bragging rights!

NEW! Dovetail Bottomless Boxes

Session Closed

Dovetail Chair Construction

Four 7-hour sessions: Saturday and Sunday, May 13-14 & 20-21, 10am to 5pm 
Location: CED Fabrication Shop
Taught by Graham Parker Ansell

This workshop will guide students through the process of constructing heirloom quality Dovetailed boxes in hardwood - en masse. Working systematically, students will produce extrusions that allow them to choose the number of boxes they produce over the four day period. Participants will learn the process of Dovetailing with a router, assembly, and finishing techniques. 

Requirements: Must be 18 years of age or older.

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NEW! 3D Capture: Scanning, Photogrammetry & Print

3D Capture

Three 7-hour sessions: Tuesday through Thursday, May 30-31 & June 1, 10am to 5pm
Location: CED Digital Fabrication Lab
​Taught by Grant Diffendaffer

This workshop introduces students to the concept and practice of 3D reality capture. Students will use photogrammetry software to make 3D models from photographic input. Additionally, they will learn the basics of 3D scanning, with the opportunity to scan small items on our NextEngine hi-res 3D laser scanner. Lastly, they will learn how to post-process the resulting mesh models for 3D printing using the DFL 3D printer farm.

Requirements: Bring a laptop, camera, and several small items to 3D scan;  if you are able also bring a tripod. Limited to 8 people only.

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Silversmithing: Ring Making

Copper/Silver Ring Making

Five 5-hour sessions: Saturdays, July 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29, 10am to 3pm
Location: CED Fabrication Shop
​Taught by Semar Prom and LM deLeon

This class introduces precious metals construction techniques. Through a series of demonstrations students will learn cutting, forming, annealing, silver soldering, and finishing techniques on copper and sterling silver. Students will make a copper ring, and a minimum of two silver rings.

Requirements: Must be 18 years of age or older.

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Hairpin Table Construction

Finished hairpin table

Five 5-hour sessions: Saturday and Sunday, May 27-28 & June 3-4 & 10, 10am to 3pm
Location: CED Fabrication Shop
​Taught by Semar Prom and instructor to be announced

Students will learn fundamental techniques of wood and metal working by constructing a classic mid-century inspired hairpin leg table with shelf via demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on construction. Woodworking skills will include making the cherry table top (measuring, marking, milling, laminating, joining and finishing); metalworking skills include making the hairpin legs (marking, measuring, cutting, grinding, bending, drilling, welding and finishing). Students will be able to customize the height and angle of their hairpins as well as the dimensions of their top and shelf so they can make various styles of table such as a coffee table, side table, or console table. 

Requirements: Must be 18 years of age or older.

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Laser Cutting Introduction

Laser Intro

Three 6-hour sessions: Saturday and Sunday, June  3-4 & 10, from 10am to 4pm
Location: CED Digital Fabrication Lab
​Taught by LM deLeon

Introduction to the laser cutter as a tool for cutting various materials. Become familiarized with laser cutting operations, materials, and settings; also learn to create designs using Google Draw (an open sourced designing software). You will take home a decorative acrylic etching, a monogram stamp and a lasered surface design for a box.

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