DIgital Fabrication Lab

Alumni Lab Membership

The College of Environmental Design's Digital Fabrication lab (formerly the CAD/CAM lab) alumni membership program extends to CED alumni the opportunity to purchase membership access to our fully equipped and staffed Digital Fabrication Lab as a way to support continuing these services for students, faculty and staff. Membership includes access to laser cutters, plastic and powder 3D printers, CCN router and mill, and other tools as they are made available. A one-hour safety and use orientation on lab rules and safety is required prior to using the lab. Please note that as a State-funded institution you may not use the Lab for commercial purposes, such as fabricating items for resale.

Registration + Fees

Alumni use of the DFLis limited to Summer semester only: 1) speak with the DFL Manager to make sure there is room, and 2) once approved, go to #477 (south tower), register and pay fees. Alumni Membership fees are listed here.