Computing @ CED

Printing + Plotting

Black and White (B&W) Printing

B&W printing on Color Laser Printers

If the area you are working in has a B&W printer it will be either Xerox (letter sized) or HP (usually able to print tabloid). If you print B&W on thes printers it will charge the least expensive printing costs, but if you bring B&W on a color laser printer it will charge color costs. (Some say the B&W printing on color lasers produces a sharper image, but that is your call.)

Want to print B&W tabloid?

Computer Labs 214 and 479, 493, and 477 each have a HP B&W printer capable of letter and tabloid duplex. In the studios tabloid B&W are on floors 6-7-8-9.

Xerox and File Names

The Xerox B&W printers cannot accommodate file names >255 characters, so name print files carefully. If printing directly from Google Docs, which supports long file names, the print queue will most likely jam and will require staff to come and clear the printer.

Cloud Printing B&W Tabloid & Duplex

If you need B&W tabloid size (single or duplex) printing, and your local B&W printer does not support that sized paper, you may choose to Cloud Print to the HP laser in 477, or log into the computer in 477 and print directly to this laser printer. Please remember to pick up your prints as print-outs are recycled weekly. 

Color Laser Printers

For printing B&W on color printers you must remember to use the gray-scale setting. Choose the printer definition carefully and remember you will pay color prices.

These printers run very hot and too much ink saturation on the page will cause a severe jam that will take the whole printer down until fixed. Do not exceed 150 dpi on these printers and do not use greater than 80% ink on the page. We have posted step-by-step instructions for clearing the most common paper jams in the HP Color LaserJet 5550 here.

Cloud Printing 

Students with CED computer accounts and print accounts can access Cloud Printing. This will allow you to send print jobs from your laptop, via the web, to a laser printer in the Studio or 477's B&W laser printer (which can do tabloid and duplex). Cloud printing does not work for plotters or for any remote printing into the Computer Labs due to its potential interference with instruction. Critical to its operations, you need to select both a printer to send your job to as well as the exact specifications, for instance, "letter color one-sided" or "tabloid b&w duplex".

Instructions for Cloud Printing are located in the Help Desk system and walk you through what to do to access and use the system.

Known issues:

  • Two-sided B&W printing is available in 477 during the normal office hours (M-F, 9- 5).
  • No Cloud Printing to plotters.
  • No Coud Printing from mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android devices).
  • Two-sided printing formats pages so they flip on long side.
  • PhD "print only" accounts will allow PhD students to Cloud Print to the printer in the PhD room or 477 only.

Common Plotter Issues

Here are some tips on plotting to help transition to this way of printing. Keep in mind it is better to test a large job before you print the final to make sure everthing is setup properly, and do not wait till the last minute to learn how to plot.

  • You take a chance when using outside paper, as we do not refund printing issues on paper (sheet or roll) that is not approved.
  • Bristol specifically is not approved for use on CED plotters.
  • Contact the Lab Manager or ask via the Help Desk for direction on what paper is best for our printers/plotters.
  • Create a master file and from that create a print file so you always have a backup in case there is a problem.
  • Plot from Adobe PDF.
  • Embed all of your images.
  • Maximum width of 36" and a maximum length of 85". (The plotters can print wider, however CED only supplies 36" plotter paper.)
  • Common sizes are: 36"x48", 36"x60", 36"x72". amd 36"x84".
  • Do not print beyond 180 - 200 dpi.
  • Try to rasterize your vectors. This isn't always possible for a line heavy file, like a topo map.
  • If Illustrator struggles with your detailed topo, the plotter will crash.
  • Plotting errors happen, so give yourself at least 1 hour to correct any mistakes and plot your boards.
  • Many students plot at the last minute so be aware of the crunch.

Plotting Instructions

CED has instructions for plotting from Adobe PDF.  There are also instructions on how to convert a file into the PDF