Computing @ CED

Online Training

Software Skills

When students first arrive at CED there are expectations that they have basic knowledge on certain software applications relevant to their field. For example, the Office Suite (Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint); image applications (Adobe Acrobat, PhotoShop, and Illustrator); and some specialty software (AutoCAD or ESRI ArcGis). 

On-line Training

Adobe: Tutorials and training is available on-line. Here are two links to get started: Adobe Training and Adobe Tutorial. 

AutoDesk: AutoDesk offers an "education community" access through a sign-up process here.

ESRI: ArcGIS Desktop tutorials (9.2) here. Also there are several ESRI MOOCs (on line classes) available here.


Grasshopper and Grasshopper Videos

Microsoft: Microsoft offers a 30-day free trial to on-line tutorials here.