Lab + Studio Policies

Computing Use Requirements

For all Students and affiliates of CED who wish to use the Computer Labs, three requirements must be met:

  1. Payment of Computing Lab fees.
  2. Having a CalNet card and identity.
  3. Register in the Student Technology Center located at 477 Wurster (south tower).

UCB or CED UndergraduatesPayment for use of the Computing Labs is required for each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer). 

UCB Graduates: Payment for use of the Computing Labs is required for each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

CED's MArch, MCP, or MLA students: MArch, MCP, or MLA students have access to the Computer Systems at CED for Fall and Spring semesters. 

MUD students: MUD students have Fall-Spring and Summer access to the Computing Labs.

PhD and MS Students: PhD and MS students have the option of choosing between semester-based Computer Lab access or year-long "print only" accounts. The "print only" allows PhD and MS students to print to the Laser Printer in their room and remotely to 477.

General Computing Policies

By signing up for access, Users are stating they agree to abide by the Campus Computing Use policy as well as CED's posted and published policies. There are consequences related to not following these policies, which could include: access removal (without any refund) to any or all facilities (Computer Labs, DFL and Shop) for the semester or up to a year. Further, negligent behavior related to equipment may also be associated with access removal and additional fees to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

  • The Campus and CED reserve the right to limit, restrict, or extend network, computing, and facilities access privileges. 
  • Do not circumvent security, account, or access restrictions to computer systems, printing, or plotting.
  • Do not disable, break, or hack into CED or UCB systems.
  • Do not remove any hardware, software, equipment or paper from any of the Labs or Satellite areas
  • Do not break or remove AV equipment or screens.
  • Do not share your Cal1 Card card or CalNet identity with others.
  • CED computer and server systems are not considered private, and the Campus or CED may audit to check appropriate usage.
  • Do not save data on public computers or at the Rendering Farm as CED frequently reformats and removes student profiles from systems.
  • Save work frequently using the Cloud, Berkeley Box, or a detached drive/removable disk.
  • If conducting any financial, personal, or medical transactions use a personal devices not a public CED computer. 
  • It is suggested that Users scan storage devices using anti-virus software, both before and after use of public computing systems.
  • Do not prop the Computing Lab doors open, break or disable door alarms, or let unauthorized users into the Computing Labs.
  • Only authorized CED students are permitted to use the computers or print in the Computing Lab and Satellite areas.
  • Do not use the Computer Labs during scheduled instructional activity.
  • Unattended machines will automatically log-out users after twenty (20) minutes of inactivity, and all unsaved data will be lost. Trying to bypass this feature is considered a security breech.
  • Do not log into more than one computer at a time. Remember to log off the computers when you are done. 
  • Do not use Computer Lab machines for unattended rendering; use the sever-based Rendering Farm.  
  • Do not use Computer Lab machines for unattended computations or processing. 
  • No eating is allowed in the computing labs. You may bring drinks with lids, but clean up after yourself so that the area is ready for the next user.
  • Put paper recyling, garbage, etc. in the proper containers (not the floor or all over the desks). 
  • Do not disconnect any cables.
  • Computers and printers are to be used in support of schoolwork and are not intended for general entertainment, personal, or commercial use.
  • Do not share accounts; users are personally responsible for any computer use or printing done from their accounts. 
  • Use only the supplied paper in CED printers. No outside paper is allowed in CED printers, except for the Epson photo printers.
  • Do not use Bristol paper or Newsprint in the plotters.
  • No printing on "sticky back," tacky, or mailing labels.
  • You are responsible for your own belongings. Do not leave anything in the labs unattended for any length of time.

Lab Access

Instructional Policy

The Computer Labs are reserved and priority given for scheduled instructional hours. Scheduled hours are posted online. Students not enrolled in the upcoming class must log off the computers and leave the labs five minutes before the scheduled activity starts.


All students who have purchased computer access have 24/7 access to CED's computer labs. No unathorized users allowed in the Computer Labs. Studio computing is limited to the department assigned the floor.  

How to Lose Computing Privileges

Actions that may result in the immediate loss of your access privileges (without a refund) include:

  • Not following posted CED or UC Berkeley policies.
  • Not following directions given by the Computing Lab Manager or related IT Staff.
  • Propping the doors open or breaking/disabling the door alarm systems.
  • Allowing unauthorized individuals or groups access to the Labs.
  • Sharing your CalNet id and passphrase so others can use your computer/print account.
  • Logging into multiple computers in the Labs or Studios.
  • Unattended rendering or computation on computers in the Labs or Studios.
  • Attempting to install or remove applications or hardware on Lab or Studio machines.
  • Attempting to degrade, bypass, or disrupt approved computing or printing processes or performance.
  • Removing keyboards, mouse, or other equipment from the Lab.
  • Violating terms of applicable software licensing agreements or copyright laws.
  • Using a computing area you are not authorized to use.
  • Attempting to circumvent data protection or security schemes.
  • Eating in the Computing Labs.
  • Refusing to leave the Lab prior to the start of schedule instruction.
  • Basically, do not violate the policies or you will be subject to loss of privileges

Actions that may result in additional charges include:

  • Operating the equipment (computers, plotters, printers, or scanners) negligently to where repairs are required will result in your payment for the repair/replacement as well as potential loss of privileges.
  • Breaking any of the office or Adio/Visual equipment in the Labs will result in your payment for the repair/replacement.
  • Breaking or disabling the door alarm systems will result in your payment for the repair/replacement as well as potential loss of privileges.
  • Sharing your CalNet id and passphrase will result in your being charged an additional computer access fee to cover the person to whom you gave your account. .

In the event of policy violations, and based on level of policy violation, access to Computer Labs, DFL and Shop access may be singularly or simultaneously revoked.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items will be immediately taken to the Facilities Office (117 Wurster Hall) for short-term storage. By the end of the semester all items in the lost and found will be either disposed of (if the items found are papers, books, pens, pencils, etc.) or sent to campus police (cell phones, larger electronic equipment and other personal items). By the end of May, any unclaimed flash drives or external harddrives will be reformatted and given to the Library, embARC High School students, other summer program participants, or the IIT group.