Computing Account Services

What Services are Provided with Computer Account?

Below is a list of items that come with the purchase of a CED Computer Account.

Computer Labs & Satellite Areas

With a computer account, Users receive access to the computers (outside of scheduled instructional activities) located in the Computer Labs (214 and 479); and access to computers distributed throughout Wurster in the Studio floors, PhD offices, Lounges, etc. (All computers are similar hardware, and run the same software image.)


Since the computer accounts provides 24/7 access to the Labs, it also provides 24/7 access to Wurster Hall. In addition, a limited pool of Lab computers are available remotely 24/7 via Citrix. 

PaperCut (print management)

A Computer Account is incomplete without the ability to print, so a Lab account also provides a PaperCut account that is used for printing and can also be used in the CED Materials Store.

Specialty print/scan equipment in 477

The Student Technology Center provides specialty equipment such as a large scale scanner, B&W laser printer capable of tabloid, and a photo-realistic plotter. To use these equipment you must have a computer and print account. 

Cloud Printing

Cloud printing allows Users to print from their laptops (or desktops) to a Studio or Satellite laser or inkjet (letter to tabloid sized documents).  Instructions are located in the CED knowledgebase.

Photo-realistic Printing/Plotting Equipment

Computer Lab 214 has two Epson Color Inkjets capable of photo-realistic printing on various sized paper, from card-stock up to tabloid. You must bring your own paper or purchase some from the CED Materials Store.  Additionally, in room 477 there is a HP photo-realistic plotter that can print full-bleed. 


Computer Labs and Studios have photo scanners (Epson Expression 10000XL) and are available for use by all authorized users of the Labs. These are 2400 dpi, 12800 x 12800 dpi resolution, with a maximum scan area of 12.2" x 17.2". A high quality large-scale scanner is also available in the Student Technology Center (477) and can handle documents up to 46" wide and images 42" wide. It scans at  12" per second and can take media up to 20mm thick and features 1200 dpi resolution. Instructions for both types of scanners is located here

Student Laptop Support

Student Laptop and mobile device support is offered by Educational Technology Services. They will provide wireless, software, and troubleshooting and have both drop-in hours and reservations available in Doe Library and Eshelman Hall.

Rendering Farm

CED has a server-based Rendering Farm running on Windows with Thinkbox - Deadline as the coordinator of the rendering requests. The rendering software is on each computer in the Computer Labs and Satellites, and is incorporated into Rhino and V-Ray for Rhino. You can send off your data file to the Rendering Farm where the file is held in a folder on the server waiting for its turn to be rendered and, once complete, you will be notified.

A detailed how-to guide is in CED's Help Desk knowledgebase. Some additional comments:

  • Finished jobs will be deleted after 2 days.This is not an archive so inactive files and folders will be deleted without notice.
  • Copy and open your file in your folder in the appropriate network share.
  • When submitting a job, you must use the absolute path to the server.
  • If you are using any non-default textures, you must copy those to your textures folder.
  • When open, Rhino locks your file as read-only to other programs. Your job will not render until the Rhino file is closed, so after you submit your job close Rhino.
  • Some students are already trying to break into the Rendering Farm back end. This action is against policy and students identified doing this will lose all access privileges, may be fined, and reported to the Office of Student Conduct.