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Computer Labs operations Dates and Times

Computing at CED is distributed throughout the building. There are 148+ computer systems available for students to use, some housed in two Computer Labs, others are locted in the Studios or special areas such as the DCRP Lounge, PhD rooms, etc. Also in these areas are 19 plotters, 18 laser printers, 2 photo-quality printers, and 1 photo-quality plotter. There are tabloid scanners in the Labs and on each Studio floor, a large scale scanner in the Student Tech Center, and industrial paper cutters in the Studios. Finally, CED provides many other computer-related peripheral technologies: Cloud Laser Printing, a server-based Rendering Farm, and after-hour access to the PaperCut printing management system. 

CED Information Technology Team

Web and Information Services Manager
488 Wurster Hall

Responsibilities: CED's Web Master.

Gurujiwan Khalsa
Applications Programmer
490 Wurster Hall

Fredrick Lee
Faculty Desktop Support
485 Wurster Hall
(510) 292-3556

Jill Martin
Manager, Student Technology Center
Manager, CED Materials Store

488 Wurster Hall
(510) 459-0333

Alex Warren
Student Computing Systems Administrator
490 Wurster Hall