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Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design embraces the challenge of environmental stewardship in all our departments and programs. We know that we cannot sustain our quality of life without rethinking how, what, where, and for whom we build. CED was the first college to advance a whole-system approach to planning and designing for the built environment, and we continue to be a leader. By making a gift to the CED Fund, you can help the college continue to offer students the chance to develop and promote design solutions that are sustainable, equitable, and enriching.

CED is impacting our world by:

  • Designing state-of-the-art buildings that consume less energy and produce less waste through the use of cutting-edge materials, creative planning, and natural heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting strategies.
  • Revitalizing urban areas for the coming century through the design of well-built, transit-oriented, carbon-neutral “eco-communities” that successfully balance human, social, and ecological needs. 
  • Exploring digital design technologies that streamline project management—reducing costs and saving time while boosting accuracy and productivity. 
  • Working on policy and planning reforms that change the way we build locally and influence trends worldwide.

These and other exciting advances in sustainable design are being lived and learned at CED. Consider supporting the extraordinary work of our students and faculty by making your contribution to the CED Fund today.