College of Environmental Design




ByDESIGN is a quarterly online journal (e-zine) produced by the Chicano Architectural Student Association (CASA) alumni from the College of Environmental Design (CED.) ByDESIGN is a first in online design journals dedicated to showcasing the academic and professional accomplishments of minority and women design professionals. The e-zine is published by CASAalumni in collaboration with CED CASA students and CED and is published quarterly. ByDESIGN showcases the extraordinary work and contributions made by CASA architects, designers, planners, academics, and students to the build environment. The e-zine also highlights work of CED Alumni, and non-alumni contributors, in various professions, including development, art, education, information technology and entrepreneurial accomplishments in Fortune 500 corporations and the public sector.


ByDESIGN invites students and faculty from CED, other universities with design profession programs and practicing design professionals to contact them regarding  contributions.


About CASA ( Chicano(a)/Latino(a) Architecture Student Association):

CASA, is dedicated to providing outreach, support, and a professional network post-graduation for all students at Cal interested in any major in the College of Environmental Design. In addition, CASA is committed to working with other professional student organizations in the campus community to help raise more community awareness amongst ourselves and within the professional realm. CASA board members encourage all students to join, in the hope that CASA becomes for you what it is for us: great friends, great networking, and great support — a family. Visit the CASA website for more information.