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“Are Slums the Global Urban Future?” With Ananya Roy

The fourth video in The #GlobalPOV Project series takes a look at the world-class city. It has towers, expressways, shopping malls, airports, private schools, and gated condominiums with golf courses, swimming pools and tennis courts. It has no slums, but the world-class city is built by slums — a paradox isn't it? To see the city from the slum provides a different view, a view of the global urban future.

Based on Prof. Ananya Roy's popular Global Poverty class at the University of California, Berkeley, The #GlobalPOV Project video series combines critical social theory with improvised art and live-action sketch to explore issues of global poverty, development and foreign aid.

The #GlobalPOV Project is a program of the Global Poverty and Practice (GPP) Minor. Based at the Blum Center for Developing Economies, University of California, Berkeley, the GPP Minor creates new ways of thinking about poverty, inequality and undertaking poverty action.

Video: The #GlobalPOV Project: "Are Slums the Global Urban Future?" With Ananya Roy