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Ananya Roy at TEDxBerkeley: (Un)Knowing Poverty

On April 20th, 2013 TEDxBerkeley gathered world-leading thinkers, makers, and doers at UC Berkeley to discuss “Inspiring Innovation”. The audience was composed of a diverse mix of 1000 students, professors, and thought leaders from Berkeley and beyond for a stimulating day of presentations, discussions, entertainment and art that will spark new ideas and opportunities for all.

Ananya Roy is Professor of City and Regional Planning and Distinguished Chair in Global Poverty and Practice at the University of California, Berkeley. She also serves as Education Director of the Blum Center for Developing Economies and in this capacity founded and now leads the largest undergraduate minor at UC Berkeley, a program in Global Poverty and Practice. Her talk, entitled "(Un)Knowing Poverty," discussed the ways that poverty is seen and understood in American society and around the world.

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Video: Ananya Roy at TEDxBerkeley