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Spring 2018 DCRP Lectures


Martin Wachs Lecture: Smart Cities and the Future of Urban Infrastructure
Thursday, March 15th


Jeff Morales (Moderator) - Former Executive Director of Caltrans; Former Chief Executive Officer of California High Speed Rail Authority; Senior Fellow at Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley.

Ryan Russo (MCP ’01) - Director of Transportation at the City of Oakland; former Deputy Commissioner of Traffic and Planning (and Project Development) at NYCDOT

Tom Maguire (MCP ’01) - Director, Sustainable Streets at San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA); former Assistant Commissioner of Traffic and Planning (and Project Development) at NYCDOT

Maria Mehranian - Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer Cordoba Corporation

Prof. Susan Shaheen - Institute of Transportation Studies and Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley

  • Location: 112 Wurster Hall
  • Reception: 5:15 PM - Wurster Gallery
  • Lecture: 6:10 PM - Wurster Auditorium


Nikhil Anand: Leaks and the Hydraulic City
Thursday, March 22

Nikhil Anand is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on the political ecology of cities, read through the different lives of water.  His first book, Hydraulic City focuses on the everyday ways in which cities and citizens are made through the everyday management of water infrastructure in Mumbai.  Articles based on this research have also been published in Antipode, Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography and Public Culture. With Hannah Appel and Akhil Gupta, Dr. Anand is co-editor of a forthcoming volume, The Promise of Infrastructure (forthcoming with Duke University Press), that focuses on the ways in which infrastructure provides a generative ground to theorize time and politics.  Dr. Anand has a Masters in Environmental Science from Yale University and a PhD in Anthropology from Stanford University.

The talk overviews Nikhil Anand’s recently published book, Hydraulic City. Drawing attention to the ways in which settlers in Mumbai establish access to water in the city, Nikhil illustrates how that urban citizenship is not an event in linear time, but a fickle, distributed and reversible process. The lecture will also focus on the ways in which water leaks in the public system. Rather than theorize this leakage as ‘loss’, Nikhil argues that it is constitutive of the water infrastructure in cities. Neither fully in the water engineers’ control, nor out of their domain, leaks are vital sites not only for the making of political authority, but also of lives that are rendered marginal and illegal by the rules of the city.  Based on over two years of ethnographic fieldwork with city water engineers, social workers, politicians, plumbers and urban residents, Hydraulic City demonstrates how water infrastructures are critical sites for the making of cities and citizenship.

  • Location: 112 Wurster Hall
  • Lecture: 5:30 PM



The Davis Lecture: Confronting Youth and Family Homelessness
Thursday, April 19th


Coco Auerswald - MD, MS, Community Health Sciences, UC Berkeley

Rob Gitin - Co-Founder and Executive Director, At the Crossroads

Tomiquia Moss - Executive Director and CEO, Hamilton Families


Panel moderated by Carolina Reid, Assistant Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning

The Bay Area has become the epicenter of the homelessness crisis, with the number of people living on the street or in make-shift shelters increasing significantly.  Of particular concern is the rise in youth and family homelessness.   Although statistics are hard to come by, an estimated 25 percent of the homeless in San Francisco are unaccompanied youth or families, and in Santa Clara county it is estimated to be as much as 50 percent.  For these youth, experiencing homelessness can have devastating and long-term consequences, including poor health, exposure to violence and abuse, social, emotional, and behavioral problems, and difficulties attending and learning in school.

This panel brings together three leading thinkers in the Bay Area to discuss the drivers of youth and family homelessness, the unique challenges and characteristics that need to be addressed to help homeless youth and families, and the policies that are needed to confront this crisis. Coco Auerswald is a Professor of Community Health Sciences at UC Berkeley whose research focuses on the effects of poverty and of social/cultural context on the health of homeless and other disadvantaged youth. Rob Gitin is the co-founder and Executive Director of At The Crossroads, which works with homeless youth and young adults who are not accessing traditional services. Tomiquia Moss is the Executive Director and CEO of Hamilton Families, a Bay Area nonprofit committed to ending family homelessness in the Bay Area.

  • Lecture: 5:30 PM - 112 Wurster Hall
  • Reception: 7:00 PM - 2nd Floor Lobby