College of Environmental Design

The Bay Area

Bicycle riding along the creek at UC Berkeley

Photo: Steve McConnell, UC Berkeley

Renowned for its natural beauty, entrepreneurialism, rich history and diversity, there is no better place to study, learn and have fun than the San Francisco Bay area.

NATURAL BEAUTY: From the dense urban landscapes of downtown San Francisco to the open spaces of the Oakland Hills and the spectacular San Francisco Bay, the Bay Area offers incredible opportunities to explore and be inspired. We are surrounded by hills, mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The Bay Area has a special beauty found nowhere else in the world.  The temperate climate and geographic diversity guarantee that there will be something fun to do outside the classroom year round, whether it's hiking in Muir Woods and the East Bay Regional Parks, kayaking in the Bay, snowboarding in Tahoe, or skating in Golden Gate Park.

ENTREPRENEURIALISM: The vibrant and diverse culture in the Bay Area fuels innovation — we are home to many of the industry leaders in technology such as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Apple — making it one of the most exciting places in the country to live and work.

HISTORY: The rich history of the Bay area, and its booming enterprise, are evidenced in our many outstanding examples of architecture, urban planning, and landscape design. Examples by Frederick Law Olmsted, Bernard Maybeck, Julia Morgan, Thomas Church, Jack Kent, William Wurster, Harwell H. Harris, Robert Royston, Charles Moore, Peter Walker, Joseph Eichler, Allan Jacobs, Peter Calthorpe, Renzo Piano, Thom Mayne, Herzog & de Meuron, and Snöhetta, are only a small handful of the iconic designers and planners who have left their mark here. It’s no surprise that many world class architecture and landscape design firms have chosen to make their home in the Bay Area.

DIVERSITY: Anywhere you go in the Bay Area, there’s a community vibe that immediately makes you feel welcome. With Berkeley at its core, there truly is no better place to design your future.

San Francisco City Scape

Photo: Steve McConnell, UC Berkeley