College of Environmental Design

Prospective Students

What's So Amazing About Coming to UC Berkeley?

The environment, the exposure to great minds, innovation and excellence! These are just a few of  the reasons why students choose the College of Environmental Design at U.C. Berkeley as THE place to enroll.


ENVIRONMENT: As a CED student, you will benefit from the resources of one of the most prestigious universities in the world and enjoy the beauty and variety of activities that Berkeley and the Bay Area have to offer. The inspiration you will derive from being immersed in the Bay Area’s culture of innovation and diversity will enrich your entire experience and your life for years to come.

EXPOSURE: Whether you are an undergraduate student exploring your potential, or a graduate student honing your passion, you will be exposed to some of the most innovative thinkers and creative designers in the world as your professors. They can guide you into new ways of seeing and creating so your future career will be as exciting as your time at school.

INNOVATION: Today’s students have unique global, social and environmental challenges ahead. If you are driven to help build a more beautiful, healthy, and flourishing future, CED can give you the experience, critical thinking, and design skills to meet those challenges.

EXCELLENCE: Are you excited about reimagining the future of our global metropolitan world? We are excited to welcome you to CED.

Photo: Steve McConnell, UC Berkeley