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The term Wursterlife refers to dynamic community of scholarship and creativity rooted in the studios and classrooms of Wurster Hall.

WursterLife is a closed-network platform that enables alumni from across the globe to reconnect with classmates, find alumni by practice area, geographic region, affinity group, or shared interest, share professional updates, news, photos, events, and jobs, enhance your career through your alumni connections, and find ways to stay engaged with the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and fellow alumni.

You are part of a robust network of impactful professionals. WursterLife is a community-powered hub that enables you to tap into the vast benefits of your alumni family. Within the platform, you can:

  • Mentor current students by providing one-on-one, career-related, college-related, and life advice.
  • Connect and network with fellow alumni: WursterLife also allows you to search for other CED alumni by class year, degree, or current location.
  • Browse events happening on campus and nationally, and be in the know about the latest volunteer opportunities and alumni meetups happening in your area.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings inside and outside of Wurster Hall in the photo gallery — and even upload images of your own.
  • View, post, and apply to jobs listed on our jobs board. Recruit CED students or recent grads for internship and fellowship opportunities.

Getting Started



Register by creating your username and password. We suggest registering through LinkedIn. It's the quickest and easiest way.

Complete Your Profile

1. Select the field of study, degree(s), and year(s) that best apply. You will be able to edit this information again within the platform. 

2. Select if and how you would like to connect with and/or mentor other alumni and students

3. Hold tight as a CED administrator approves your registration.

Connect and Network

Connect with classmates, mentor students, view upcoming alumni events, join regional groups, and view updates and photo albums.


Who can see my profile information?

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Click the "cog" icon to edit your profile, or adjust your account settings and communication preferences.

Your profile is public to all other users on WursterLife, but you can choose how much information you’d like to share with others. Simply hover onto the cog icon in the upper right corner of the screen and click “update profile” to view all your professional, biographical, and personal information. Here, you can also indicate whether or not you are willing to mentor students. If you indicate “yes,” then your profile will be searchable to students looking for mentoring opportunities.

What makes a successful mentor?

As a mentor, you are a guide and resource for students. Sharing your educational and professional experience can pave the way for current students to succeed at CED and beyond. Help CED students set goals, support their personal and professional development, model professional behavior, and challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve personal growth.

How do I change the number of emails I receive?

Hover over the cog icon on the top right hand side of your screen and go to account settings. Here you can change the email notification preferences on your network activity updates.

I'm having technical issues with the site. What can I do?

Contact support@wursterlife.com for any technical support. 

If you have general questions related to creating groups or events, please contact wursterlife@berkeley.edu. Note: Students will be joining the platform in 2019. Stay tuned!