Internship Programs


CED On-SITE is designed to:

  • introduce organizations to some of the brightest, most determined, and innovative environmental design students soon to enter the market;
  • provide students with practical experience that can only be obtained in a professional work environment; and
  • support students in their education by awarding scholarships.

Participating organizations are required to provide (1) a paid internship position to an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at CED and (2) additional $2,500 scholarship established with CED to be directed to the student after completion of their internship.

We encourage a multiple year commitment to the program to benefit from the word&-of-mouth and momentum gained from previous interns sharing their positive experience. A three-year commitment of $7,500 payable over a three-year period is preferred.


  • CED will widely publicize and market your internship within the College to assure that the best possible candidates apply.
  • Each Department will have a faculty committee to screen student applicants and advance top candidates for your consideration.
  • Your scholarship contribution is tax deductible.
  • Your organization will directly support public higher education and the environmental design professions.

Download this form for more information and to make pledge.