Graduate Admissions

Concurrent Programs

The College of Environmental Design offers the following concurrent graduate degree programs which allows for the completion of two programs in less time than if the two programs were pursued separately. Please see the program links below for admissions prerequisites. Applicants must be accepted to both programs to pursue a concurrent degree.

Concurrent Programs Within CED

Concurrent Programs With Other Schools and Colleges

Application Instructions

External Applicants

Well-qualified persons may apply directly to both degrees in a concurrent program, although it is possible they may be admitted only to one degree program.

  • Select the applicable concurrent program on the online UC Berkeley Graduate Application.
  • Submit all application materials required both by the Graduate Division and your degree programs. See CED Graduate Admissions - Required Application Materials.
  • Note that each department/program has its own separate admissions committee and review process. 
  • Students may be admitted to one school and not the other. Therefore, admission to one of the concurrent degrees does not guarantee admission to the other program.

Current UC Berkeley Students

Continuing UC Berkeley students are eligible to apply for a concurrent program during the first semester and prior to the last year (or last two semesters) of their current program. Applications are accepted only during the fall admission cycle (no spring admissions or rolling admissions).

Select the applicable concurrent program on the online UC Berkeley Graduate Application.

  • Submit at least one new letter of recommendation (letter must be from a current UC Berkeley faculty member).
  • Submit three letters of reccomendation.
    • These letters may be from your previous application, or they may be faculty in your current program.
  • Submit an unofficial UC Berkeley graduate school transcript. 
  • Request that your current program's Graduate Student Affairs Officer email a copy of your previous admissions file to the Graduate Student Affairs Officer in the department to which you are applying.