College of Environmental Design

Financial Aid


Fellowships at the College of Environmental Design

Each year, the College of Environmental Design provides a limited number of merit-based and need-based fellowships for domestic and international students. Students interested in applying for fellowship assistance must complete Part C of the application. Fellowships may cover all or part of the registration fees and/or Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition. The college does its best to allocate fellowship funds equitably, keeping both student need and merit in mind. Some fellowships are by faculty nomination only.

The University also awards, through competition, a limited number of merit-based and diversity fellowships each year. See University Fellowships for further details. It is beneficial for applicants to seek financial support independent of University sources. International students may look for fellowships from their home countries or through international agencies.

Each department is able to offer a small amount of financial aid & fellowships to continuing graduate students based on merit and grades. The Depertment of Architecture requires a separate form, The Department of Architecture: Application for University and Departmental Fellowship, to be completed and returned by the Friday of the first week of the Spring semester.

Student Employment

Graduate students may apply for graduate student instructor (GSI) and graduate student researcher (GSR) appointments, which may reduce the registration fees. GSI and GSR positions are announced each semester. Though incoming students are eligible to apply, these positions are competitive, and preference is often given to continuing students who have demonstrated their proficiency in the course subjects. For more information, contact the student affairs officers or see GSI/Reader Positions.

Work-study is a federally-subsidized hourly wage job program for undergraduate and graduate students. Contact the Work-Study Program Office via their website or in-person at 212 Sproul Hall for more information on work-study opportunities at UC Berkeley.

Outside employment listings and resources for interested students is available via the CED Career Services Office and UC Berkeley Career Center.

Prizes and Awards

The college, and departments, offer a number of number of nominative and competitive prizes and awards for undergraduate and graduate students. We recommend you check with your department advisers to find out more about specific offerings and deadlines.

Financial Aid

Federal and University loans are available to students through the Office of Financial Aid, 201 Sproul Hall, University of California, Berkeley; Berkeley, CA 94720-1960. U.S. federal financial aid is not available to students who are not citizens, or permanent residents, of the United States.