Summer [IN]STITUTE in Environmental Design


[IN]ARCH ADV is an intermediate architectural studio for current architecture majors or recent architecture graduates formulated to push the boundaries of architectural thinking and design. The studios are formal, intensive and structured for experimentation with physical ideas. Participants will make models (physical and digital), draw, photograph, collage, montage, diagram, print, scan, map and write as they work. The studio becomes a place for participants to transform thoughts and ideas into form. 




What Does Virtual [IN]ARCH ADV Look Like?


"I think the program was successful in managing tele-education for such a hands-on subject as architecture. I know that it is not identical to being there physically, but despite the obstacles of distance and timezones, I think the teaching team was successful in leading into the area of architectural design that I have not explored. And I will still think about the methods acquired afterwards to improve the project done within the timeframe of the program and of future projects."

- 2020 [IN]ARCH ADV Alum

"I 'unlearned' and learned so much from [IN]ARCH ADV. It made me question the basic fundamentals of architecture and feel confident enough to take the next step." 


Studio lessons establish and fortify links between architecture and the allied arts. While dealing with landscape, site, function and program, many pursuits reflect immediate and direct associations with music, painting, collage, literature, dance, theater, filmmaking and the human body, all of which exist in the sub-patterns of design.

The [IN]ARCH ADV studio places emphasis on an iterative process and deploys three recurring methods for making: analog drawing and photomontage, to connect the eye's critical observations to the hand's critical description; digital modeling, to explore conceptual ideas through 3D digital models; and physical modeling, to develop and embody material ideas in model form.



[IN]ARCH ADV Academic Lead

Keith Plymale


Professor Plymale is a continuing lecturer in architecture at UC Berkeley and founding partner of the San Francisco-based Volume21: Office for Architecture. V21 is a research office that makes speculative projects, constructs houses, and pursues international competitions. The architecture of V21 is propelled by studies in bodily proportion, built-in cabinetry, pre-fabrication, material technology, art, music, and the dwelling patterns of the 21st century.


Research interests include: the body and architecture, construction and material technology, earthwork art/architecture, Native American architecture, Italian modernism, and the work of architect Leonardo Ricci. For ten years Professor Plymale worked with José Oubrerie, assistant to Le Corbusier at Atelier Rue de Sèvres 35. Professor Plymale received an AIA honor award for his work with Oubrerie on the Miller House, which is published extensively.


"I appreciate Professor Plymale's flexibility in reading of visual language so each participant can explore their strongest qualities without being forced into the same mold, and secondly but also relevant to the first quality is the range of possibilities he sees from every small detail."

"I appreciated Keith's ability to take an ordinary situation and make it extraordinary."




Architectural research should ultimately lead to construction but it does not necessarily begin there. The physical embodiment of theory is the clear aim of my architecture. An actionable theory must exist simultaneously in realms that are both spatial realities and timeless, transfigural realities. Model, structure, space, form, light, and color are the programmatic content of the constructions.

UC Berkeley Courses Taught by Keith Plymale

  • ARCH 100A Fundamentals of Architectural Design
  • ARCH 100B Fundamentals of Architectural Design
  • ARCH 101 Case Studies in Architecture
  • ARCH 201 Case Studies in Architectural Design
  • ENV DES 11B Introduction to Design