Summer [IN]STITUTE in Environmental Design

Faculty + Guests

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Summer Institute Director: Rudabeh Pakravan


Rudabeh Pakravan is an architect and educator living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the principal of Rudabeh Pakravan Studio, an architecture and design firm. Pakravan received her Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and has practiced architecture for over ten years. Her built work includes a wide range of commercial, residential and civic projects. Her research on spatial tactics of assembly and protest in Tehran was recently published in Design Observer and presented as part of the "Redefining Public Space" conference at the University of Pennsylvania. "Instant City," a study of alternative futures for Dubai, was a part of the “Politics of Space and Place” conference at the University of Brighton, and most recently, Pakravan has collaborated on Little, Big, a series of mile-marking devices along the Pan-American Highway. Solar Veil, her design for the Land Art Generator Project, was published in The Time is Now: Public Art of the Sustainable City. She has taught at the USC School of Architecture and currently teaches undergraduate and graduate architecture design studios at UC Berkeley.

2019 Summer [IN]STITUTE Faculty

[IN]ARCH Academic Lead

David Orkand
Lecturer in Architecture, CED
"David conveys complex concepts with a high degree of clarity, and strikes a balance between critique and encouragement."
[IN]ARCH ADV Academic Lead

Keith Plymale
Continuing Lecturer in Architecture, CED
Founding Partner, Volume21
"I appreciated Keith's ability to take an ordinary situation and make it extraordinary."
Alison Ecker
[IN]CITY Academic Lead

Alison Ecker
"Alison always had innovative - but practical and do-able - design suggestions for our projects."'
[IN]LAND Academic Lead

Noah Levy
Designer, CMG Landscape Architecture

"Noah is a wonderful mentor and brilliant thinker. He led the process very well and allowed me to think critically about design without abandoning aesthetics."



Visiting Professionals

Each year, the Summer Institute invites prominent architects, landscape architects, city planners, area experts in the field of sustainability and design, and CED faculty to engage with Summer Institute students. Professionals and faculty who have shared their expertise with Summer Institute students include:

  • Liz Ogbu, Designer, Social Innovator and Urbanist
  • Chris Calott, Lalanne Chair of Real Estate Development, Architecture and Urbanism; Associate Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Jennifer Wolch, Dean and William W. Wurster Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED
  • Andrew Atwood, Principal, FirstOffice; Assistant Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Anne Fougeron, Principal, Fougeron Architecture
  • Lisa Iwamoto, Professor of Architecture; IwamotoScott
  • Romi Hall, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
  • E.B. Min, Principal, Min | Day
  • Chris Sensenig, Connect Oakland
  • Daniel Hamilton, City of Oakland
  • Bryan Shiles, WRNS Studio
  • Danielle Mieler, Association of Bay Area Governments
  • Dave Campbell, Bike East Bay Coalition
  • Ellen Lake, KALA Art Institute
  • Sue Mark, KALA Art Institute
  • Carolina Reid, PhD, Department of City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley
  • Aaron Welch, Raimi + Associates
  • Tom Leader, Tom Leader Studio
  • Beth Altshuler, Public Health Planning Specialist, Raimi+Associates
  • Karen Frick, Adjunct Assistant Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED
  • Karen Chapple, Associate Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED; Faculty Director, Center for Community Innovation
  • Harrison Fraker, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and Former Dean, CED
  • Walter Hood, Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning and Urban Design, CED
  • Louise Mozingo, Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning and Urban Design, CED
  • Timothy Burroughs, Climate Action Coordinator, City of Berkeley
  • Susan Ubbelohde, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Stefano Schiavon, Assistant Professor of Architecture, CED, Center for the Built Environment
  • Stanley Saitowitz, Partner, Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc.
  • Elisa Barbour, The Center for Resource Efficient Communities
  • Pietro Calogero, Lecturer in City and Regional Planning
  • Mehran Madani, Faculty Member, North Dakota State University
  • Scott Cataffa, Principal, CMG Landscape Architecture
  • Troy Reinhalter, Intermediate Planner/Design, Raimi+Associates
  • Adam Greenspan, Senior Design Partner, PWP Landscape Architecture
  • Bonnie Fisher, Principal, ROMA Design Group
  • Linda Jewell, Professor of Landscape Architecture & Urban Design, CED; Director of Blake Garden
  • Joel Ramos, Board of Directors, SFMTA
  • Jim Jennings, Principal, Jim Jennings Architecture
  • Carlos Castellanos, Human Relations Commissioner, City of Davis
  • Caroline O'Donnell, Director of Master of Architecture, Cornell University
  • Peter Anderson, President, Bay Pacific Construction, Partner, Anderson Anderson Architecture
  • John Bela, Co-Founder, Rebar Group
  • Rene Davids, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, CED
  • Peter Bosselmann, Professor of Urban Design in Architecture, City & Regional Planning, and Landscape Architecture, CED
  • Greg Castillo, Associate Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Robert Cervero, Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED; Director, Institute of Urban & Regional Development; Director, University of California Transportation Center
  • Jason Corburn, Associate Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED
  • Erin Cubbison, Sustainable Design Specialist, Gensler
  • Michael Dear, Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED
  • David Fletcher, Principal, Fletcher Studio
  • Paz Gutierrez, Assistant Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Nuno Lopes, Principal, Fong and Chan Architects
  • Michael Pyatok, Principal, Pyatok Architects
  • Ananya Roy, Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED; Blum Center Distinguished Chair in Global Poverty and Practice
  • Brett Terpeluk, Principal, Studio Terpeluk
  • Paul Waddell, Chair, Department of City & Regional Planning; Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED