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Summer [IN]STITUTE Faculty

Photo of David Orkand

Director David Orkand


David Orkand is director of Atelier DOA. David returned to California to set up his architectural practice after having spent four years living in Tokyo as a Monbukagakusho Fellow in the Tsukamoto Laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. During this time David worked with numerous Japanese architects, including Toyo Ito, SANAA, Atelier Bow-Wow, Junya Ishigami, and Go Hasegawa. David spent the two years prior to this living in Madrid, working for Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos.

David received his Master of Architecture and Graduate Certificate in Media and Modernity from the Princeton University School of Architecture, where he was awarded a Howard Crosby Butler Fellowship to conduct thesis research in Iceland. David studied at the Architectural Association in London and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design, where he graduated as valedictorian of his class.

David has taught architecture and architectural theory at Princeton University, UC Berkeley, and California College of the Arts.


Photo of Jennifer Ly

[IN]ARCH Academic Lead Jennifer Ly


Jennifer Ly is an architectural designer and the recipient of the 2017 Rotch Travelling Scholarship. She is fascinated by collections of objects, things, and even junk, and their relationship to architecture and the built environment. She completed her graduate studies at Harvard Graduate School of Design where she received the Faculty Design Award, and her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley where she received the Alpha Rho Chi Medal. Jennifer has worked on high-profile projects at Foster + Partners, Adjaye Associates, and SHoP Architects. Her work has been featured in publications such as Log, CLOG, and The Architectural Review.

Photo of Keith Plymale

[IN]ARCH ADV Academic Lead Keith Plymale


Professor Plymale is a continuing lecturer in architecture at UC Berkeley and founding partner of the San Francisco-based Volume21: Office for Architecture. V21 is a research office that makes speculative projects, constructs houses, and pursues international competitions. The architecture of V21 is propelled by studies in bodily proportion, built-in cabinetry, pre-fabrication, material technology, art, music, and the dwelling patterns of the 21st century. Research interests include: the body and architecture, construction and material technology, earthwork art/architecture, Native American architecture, Italian modernism, and the work of architect Leonardo Ricci. For ten years Professor Plymale worked with José Oubrerie, assistant to Le Corbusier at Atelier Rue de Sèvres 35. Professor Plymale received an AIA honor award for his work with Oubrerie on the Miller House, which is published extensively.

Photo of Derek Lazo

[IN]LAND Academic Lead Derek Lazo


Derek Lazo is a designer, artist and educator who investigates how landscape architecture intersects with social issues and can help uplift disadvantaged communities. Derek is a member of the Design As Protest Collective and a member of Dark Matter University, a new anti-rascist pedagogical movement. He has worked with various Bay Area landscape firms most recently at SurfaceDesign, Inc. in San Francisco. 

Derek completed his graduate studies at University of California, Berkeley developing his thesis dissertation on activating Oakland’s public parks and lands as emergency navigation centers for the city’s homeless population, and completed his B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Southern California.

Photo of Michael Larice

[IN]CITY Academic Lead Michael Larice


Michael Larice is a designer and educator who teaches urban design and urbanism, applied theory, design methods, street and transit design, and progressive housing. Although he is an architect, city planner, and urban designer, he is primarily an urbanist. He takes a comparative, pluralist, and collaborative approach in teaching, research and practice to help students, professionals, and clients better transform their cities – how they can overcome struggle, how they can sustain themselves, and how they can thrive.

Over his career, Professor Larice has helped educate and place hundreds of forward-thinking planners and urban designers with firms and public agencies across the country. Professor Larice’s professional and academic work focuses largely on the transformative urban design of livable places – and increasingly on how to manifest socially sustainable places. Previous research looked at dense urban neighborhoods, development approvals, slum upgrading, streetcar impacts on quality of life, urban arterial livability, and, the history and theory of livability thought. He continues working toward the professionalization of the urban design field, the democratization of planning, and the transformation of urban places.

Professor Larice is a son of California, who holds a PhD in City Planning from UC Berkeley, where his dissertation focused on the form and livability of high-density neighborhoods in North America. He has taught at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of British Columbia, the University of Utah, and the University of California, Berkeley. Most recently he directed the Graduate Certificate in Urban Design and the PhD Program in Metropolitan Planning, Policy and Design at the University of Utah. After serving in the US Peace Corps in Swaziland (Eswatini) from 1992-1995 in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development coordinating the nation’s largest slum upgrading project, he worked as a licensed architect for several years in California.

In 2009, Professor Larice was awarded the G. Holmes Perkins Award for Distinguished Teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2012, he was named Professor of the Year at the University of Utah’s College of Architecture + Planning. He and his urban design studios have won a number of competitive design awards and made lasting impacts on local municipalities and the public realm. For several years Professor Larice served as the Urban Design Track Chair for the American Collegiate Schools of Planning annual conference. In September 2019, he and Molly O’Neill Robinson signed a contract to author/edit The Routledge Handbook of Urban Design Practice, forthcoming Fall 2021.

In his free time, he is an avid soccer fan.

Visiting Professionals

Each year, the Summer Institute invites prominent architects, landscape architects, city planners, area experts in the field of sustainability and design, and CED faculty to engage with Summer Institute students. Professionals and faculty who have shared their expertise with Summer Institute students include:

  • Liz Ogbu, Designer, Social Innovator and Urbanist
  • Chris Calott, Associate Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Jennifer Wolch, Dean and William W. Wurster Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED
  • Andrew Atwood, Principal, FirstOffice; Assistant Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Anne Fougeron, Principal, Fougeron Architecture
  • Lisa Iwamoto, Professor of Architecture; IwamotoScott
  • Romi Hall, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
  • E.B. Min, Principal, Min | Day
  • Chris Sensenig, Connect Oakland
  • Daniel Hamilton, City of Oakland
  • Bryan Shiles, WRNS Studio
  • Danielle Mieler, Association of Bay Area Governments
  • Dave Campbell, Bike East Bay Coalition
  • Ellen Lake, KALA Art Institute
  • Sue Mark, KALA Art Institute
  • Carolina Reid, PhD, Department of City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley
  • Aaron Welch, Raimi + Associates
  • Tom Leader, Tom Leader Studio
  • Beth Altshuler, Public Health Planning Specialist, Raimi+Associates
  • Karen Frick, Adjunct Assistant Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED
  • Karen Chapple, Associate Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED; Faculty Director, Center for Community Innovation
  • Harrison Fraker, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and Former Dean, CED
  • Walter Hood, Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning and Urban Design, CED
  • Louise Mozingo, Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning and Urban Design, CED
  • Timothy Burroughs, Climate Action Coordinator, City of Berkeley
  • Susan Ubbelohde, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Stefano Schiavon, Assistant Professor of Architecture, CED, Center for the Built Environment
  • Stanley Saitowitz, Partner, Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc.
  • Elisa Barbour, The Center for Resource Efficient Communities
  • Pietro Calogero, Lecturer in City and Regional Planning
  • Mehran Madani, Faculty Member, North Dakota State University
  • Scott Cataffa, Principal, CMG Landscape Architecture
  • Troy Reinhalter, Intermediate Planner/Design, Raimi+Associates
  • Adam Greenspan, Senior Design Partner, PWP Landscape Architecture
  • Bonnie Fisher, Principal, ROMA Design Group
  • Linda Jewell, Professor of Landscape Architecture & Urban Design, CED; Director of Blake Garden
  • Joel Ramos, Board of Directors, SFMTA
  • Jim Jennings, Principal, Jim Jennings Architecture
  • Carlos Castellanos, Human Relations Commissioner, City of Davis
  • Caroline O'Donnell, Director of Master of Architecture, Cornell University
  • Peter Anderson, President, Bay Pacific Construction, Partner, Anderson Anderson Architecture
  • John Bela, Co-Founder, Rebar Group
  • Rene Davids, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, CED
  • Peter Bosselmann, Professor of Urban Design in Architecture, City & Regional Planning, and Landscape Architecture, CED
  • Greg Castillo, Associate Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Robert Cervero, Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED; Director, Institute of Urban & Regional Development; Director, University of California Transportation Center
  • Jason Corburn, Associate Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED
  • Erin Cubbison, Sustainable Design Specialist, Gensler
  • Michael Dear, Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED
  • David Fletcher, Principal, Fletcher Studio
  • Paz Gutierrez, Assistant Professor of Architecture, CED
  • Nuno Lopes, Principal, Fong and Chan Architects
  • Michael Pyatok, Principal, Pyatok Architects
  • Ananya Roy, Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED; Blum Center Distinguished Chair in Global Poverty and Practice
  • Brett Terpeluk, Principal, Studio Terpeluk
  • Paul Waddell, Chair, Department of City & Regional Planning; Professor of City & Regional Planning, CED