Disc* [Design & Innovation for Sustainable Cities]


The purpose of Disc* Fieldwork is two-fold. On the one hand, students deepen their understanding of the urban process by exploring sites that epitomize the most relevant challenges of urbanization. On the other, students are granted direct access to some of the places where innovative urban solutions are conceived and fabricated. Guided by Bay Area urbanists, students visit a variety of sites, ranging from future regional infrastructure hubs to epicenters of gentrification and social exclusion, to enclaves of wildness and biodiversity in the city. 

“The field trips were essential! I really appreciate the multiple layers of urban design we were exposed to.” 

-Disc*2016 alum

Featured Disc*2017 Fieldwork Guest Speakers

John Bela


Katharyn Boyer

Romburg Tiburon Center


Lidia D'Amico


Ron Hipschman



Jeremy Lowe
San Francisco Estuary Institute


Nate Kauffman

Live Edge Adaptation Project



Past site visit itineraries include:

Exploratorium Studios and SF Living Innovation Zone (LIZ)

Tinkering Studio

Outdoor Studio

Exploratorium Fabrication Shops

Closed Door Visit to the Exploratorium Exhibit

San Francisco Living Innovation Zone (LIZ)

Visit Led By Steve Gennrich, Outdoor Studio Director and Luigi Anzivino, Tinkering Studio

Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop and Autodesk Gallery

Autodesk Pier 9 Digital Fabrication Lab

Instructables.com Headquarters

Autodesk Gallery

Visit led by John Bela, Artist in Residence at Autodesk