Disc* (Design & Innovation for Sustainable Cities)


JULY 2-AUGUST 3, 2018

Global Cities | Global Challenges 

Ghigo DiTommaso

The Global Cities/Global Challenges Seminar addresses some of the most pressing challenges global cities are facing today. Through a series of lectures on the past, present and future of urban regions across five continents, we will discuss the many wicked problems cities are tackling. The seminar will also expose students to a series of success stories, showing how conditions can change for the better through the agency of environmental design.

Urban Innovation Seminar

Gabriel Kaprielian & Ghigo DiTommaso

The Urban Innovation Seminar provides a framework for discussing and contextualizing studio work. Every week, students engage in lively discussions ignited by brief presentations delivered by the Program Directors. To prepare for every session, students are assigned readings and writings on the selected topics.

The Urban Innovation Semiar is comprised of three modules: Place, People and Prototypes.

Place focuses on an understanding of the urban environment as a complex system of economic, ecological and social patterns in constant flux. 

People examines the forces at play in the shaping of the urban environment's patterns, paying special attention to those that have impacted the most vulnerable groups.

Prototypes looks at design as a catalyst to make our cities more just, livable and resilient.