Disc* [Design & Innovation for Sustainable Cities]

Deadlines + Cost

Disc* Dates + Deadlines

These deadlines are specific to Disc* and vary from those listed on the Summer Sessions website. Most Summer Sessions deadlines do not apply to Disc* participants.

Deadline Domestic Students  International Students
Online Application Opens December 15, 2021 same
Financial Aid Request Deadline April 1, 2022 same
Online Application Deadline May 15, 2022 May 1, 2022
Deadline for International Students to Submit VSIS form and I-20 Documents N/A TBA
Cancellation Deadline for Full Refund* June 7 same
Withdrawal Deadline for Summer Session Fee Refund Only** TBA same
Program Begins July 5 same
Withdrawal Deadline without a refund TBA same
Program Ends August 12 same

* Contact the Summer Programs Office to cancel your enrollment by this date and you will receive a full refund of the $3,300 CED Program Fee and all Summer Sessions fees, minus a cancellation fee. (For international students, the $330 I-20 Processing Fee is non-refundable.)

** Contact the Summer Programs Office to cancel your enrollment by this date and you will receive a refund of all Summer Sessions fees, minus a withdrawal fee. (For international students, the $330 I-20 Processing Fee is non-refundable.)


Course Cancellation and Refund Policy

CED reserves the right to cancel any course for which there is insufficient enrollment for a full refund, and to withdraw or modify course offerings.


Disc*2019 Tuition and Fees*

Student Profile Total Cost
Visiting Student, domestic $4,500
Visiting Student, international $7,063

Tuition and Fees cover:

  • access to Computer Labs
  • access to the Digital Fabrication Lab
  • licenses for required software
  • a CalNet ID card for access to all University facilities
  • print card
  • some materials and supplies
  • catered welcome and commencement events
  • Clipper Card for free transportation on all Alameda County buses
  • transportation to and from site visits

Students are responsible for their own housing, meals, any additional supplies, and computer.

*Fees may be subject to change.


A small handful of need-based stipends are available to accepted students. Applicants will have the opportunity to request a stipend while filling out the program application. Program applications must be submitted before April 2 in order to be eligible for consideration for a stipend. 


Disc* program participants are strongly encouraged to live on campus, though this is not required. Students already living within 30 minutes of campus may opt to commute to Disc* as a day program. Non-local students have several options for housing, some of which include meals. The following links will give you an idea of housing costs in the Berkeley area.

  • Berkeley Student Co-op housing is one of the most affordable housing options.
  • International House: only a five-minute walk from Wurster Hall, International House has rooms available in the summer and they also offer meals. 
  • UC Berkeley dorms: Berkeley Residence Halls often have available rooms for visiting students during the summer sessions.
  • Cal Rentals: this subscription service is set up specifically to help summer student visitors find sublets around campus. Email them after March 1 to request their Summer Housing Bulletin.
  • CED Summer Programs Facebook Page: incoming Institute students use this page to trade house-hunting tips and share leads (by invitation only).
  • Berkeley Lab Guest House: located on the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory campus, guests can access the UC Berkeley campus via shuttle bus, car, bicycle, or foot. It offers standard, large, and studio rooms.
  • Craigslist: many summer students find sublets in the neighborhood - keep in mind that many more options become available leading up to the summer.
  • Summer Sessions maintains a list of non-UC affiliated housing options.

PLEASE NOTE: UC Berkeley's summer Residence Halls fill up fast. Residency priority is given to Disc* students who apply early in the spring.