Landscape Architecture + Environmental Planning

Admission Prerequisites

Master of Landscape Architecture


The application cycle for the Master of Landscape Architecture program opens in September. Admission is for the fall semester of the following year. We do not accept spring-semester admissions. Please see Graduate Admissions for application deadlines and procedures.

Admission Criteria and Prerequisites

A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for admission to the graduate program. It is recommended that applicants have completed a minimum of one basic course each in the life, earth and social sciences. In addition, graphics and freehand drawing are strongly recommended for applicants with non-design backgrounds.

First Professional Degree

The three-year M.L.A. degree is the first professional degree accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects. This degree is for students with non-design backgrounds.

Second Professional Degree

The two-year M.L.A. degree is the second professional degree for those students with first degrees in landscape architecture, architecture, or environmental design.

Environmental Planning

The department also offers a two-year environmental planning program leading to the M.L.A. degree for students with a strong background in the environmental sciences or management.