Ph.D Building Science, Technology and Sustainability Alumni

The Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo,

The Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, 2017 Livable Buildings Award from Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment (CBE). 

Follows is a list of Building Science and Sustainability Alumni and their dissertation topics. You can also refer to the list of M.S. Alumni thesis topics for a broader range of research subjects.


Carlos Duarte-Roa - Design and Control of High Thermal Mass Radiant Systems

Luis Santos - Computational efficient models for digital design methods based on thermal and daylight performance

Jonathan Woolley - A multi-method investigation into design and control of radiant cooling and heating systems

2010 - 2019

Kartikeya Date - Immersion in Early Architectural Design in the Age of Computing
Graduation Date: 2018

Joyce Kim - Advancing comfort technology and analytics to personalize thermal experience in the built environment 
Graduation Date: 2018

Caroline Karmann - Thermal comfort and acoustic quality in buildings using radiant systems
Graduation Date: 2017

Jingjuan Dove Feng - Design and Control of Hydronic Radiant Cooling Systems
Graduation Date: 2014

Hsin-Hsien Chiu - Toward Healthy and Successful Aging: Intelligent Home Care Environments for the Elderly
Graduation Date: 2013

Seung Wan Hong - The Affordance of Online Multiuser Virtual Environments (MUVE) for Creative Collaboration
Graduation Date: 2013

Yael Valerie Perez - Global Architects Meet the Place - Bridging the Gap through Information and Communication Technology
Graduation Date: 2013

Bauni Hamid - Reconstruction through collaboration negotiation of the housing process in disaster recovery
Graduation Date: 2012

Ahmed H. El Antably - Experiencing the Past: The Virtual (Re)Construction of Places
Graduation Date: 2011

Kyle Stas Konis - Effective Daylighting: Evaluating Daylighting Performance in the San Francisco Federal Building from the Perspective of Building Occupants
Graduation Date: 2011

Fung Ki Lam - Simulating the Effect of Microclimate on Human Behavior in Small Urban Spaces
Graduation Date: 2011

Brian Coffey - Using Building Simulation and Optimization to Calculate Lookup Tables for Control
Graduation Date: 2011

Kai-Fend Cheng - Social Interactions in Computer-mediated Public Spaces
Graduation Date: 2011

Chung On Kim - Designing for Learning: Multiplayer Digital Game Learning Environments
Graduation Date: 2010

Gamil Serag-Eldin - A Conflict Management Model for Architectural Design Collaboration
Graduation Date: 2010

2000 - 2009

Therese Evelyn Peffer - California Dreaming: The Design of Residential Demand Responsive Technology with People in Mind
Graduation Date: 2009

Vorapat Inkarojrit - Balancing Comfort: Occupants' Control of Window Blinds in Private Offices
Graduation Date: 2005

Dan Ni Wang - Economic Cost of Thermal Discomfort and its Application in Builidng Environmental Control
Graduation Date: 2005

Hui Zhang - Human Thermal Sensation and Comfort in Transient and Non-Uniform Thermal Environments
Graduation Date: 2003

1990 - 1999

Adil M.K. Sharag-Eldin - Predicting Natural Ventilation in Residential Buildings in the Context of Urban Environments
Graduation Date: 1998

Tengfang Xu - Evaporative Cooling: Thermal Comfort and its Energy Implications in California Climates
Graduation Date: 1998

Alison Grace Kwok - Thermal Comfort in Naturally-Ventilated and Air-Conditioned Classrooms in the Tropics
Graduation Date: 1997

Kristin Elizabeth Heinemeier - The Use of Energy Management and Control Systems to Monitor the Energy Performance of Commercial Buildings
Graduation Date: 1994

Marc Ellis Fountain - Locally Controlled Air Movement Preferred in Warm Environments
Graduation Date: 1993

Qingsan  Cao - Deliberated Performance Evaluation and Application in Comfort Assessment
Graduation Date: 1992

David Regis Ernest - Predicting Wind-Induced Indoor Air Motion, Occupant Comfort, and Cooling Loads in Naturally Ventilated Buildings
Graduation Date: 1991

Haider G.H. Taha - An Urban Micro-Climate Model for Site-Specific Building Energy Simulations: Boundary Layers, Urban Canyons, and Building Conditions
Graduation Date: 1990

1980 - 1989

Jong-Jin Kim - Numerical Analysis Of Daylight in the Urban Environment
Graduation Date: 1988

Richard Cleeves Diamond - A Case Study of the Determinants of Energy Use in Housing For the Low- Income Elderly
Graduation Date: 1986

1970 - 1979

Rory Fonseca - Resource Conserving High Density Communities in Asia
Graduation Date: 1975

Eric Jon Dluhosch - Industrialized Building, Housing and Community Formation
Graduation Date: 1973

Hugo Girard  Blasdel - Multidimensional Scaling of Architectural Environments
Graduation Date: 1972