Global Studies

Concurrent Master of Architecture or Ph.D. in Architecture/Master of Arts

The concurrent MA program in Global Studies is designed to complement the graduate degree programs in architecture. It is intended to produce graduate students who combine advanced professional training with a detailed knowledge of contemporary international issues or particular world areas or countries. The content of each MA program will be shaped in consultation with the departmental IAS adviser to meet the specific needs and interests of the individual student.

Program Prerequisites

In addition to satisfying all Graduate Division and departmental requirements for the Master of Architecture or Ph.D. degrees, students in this concurrent program must complete a minimum of 24 units outside architecture in the special area agreed upon with the IAS adviser.

If you have any administrative questions regarding this program, contact Graduate Student Affairs Officer, Dreux Montgomery, at You may contact Professor Max Auffhammer, Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences & Chair, Global Studies with any curricular questions.

To Apply

See Graduate Admissions — Apply — Concurrent Programs for information on how to apply to the concurrent degree programs.