The Department of Architecture offers courses in the technical, aesthetic and cultural components of design, as well as in environmental history, sustainability, behavioral sciences, resource management and design theory. Coursework in the various Architecture degree programs may be carried out within the following areas of study (represented by the middle digit of the 3-digit course number):

  • Design and Professional Practice (10X and 20X)
  • Social and Cultural Processes in Architecture and Urbanism (11X and 21X)
  • Design Theories, Methods, and Practices (13X and 23X)
  • Building Science and Sustainability (14X and 24X)
  • Structures and Construction 15X, 25X, 16X and 26X)
  • History of Architecture and Urbanism (17X and 27X)
  • Environmental Design and Urbanism in Developing Countries (various)

Some of these areas can also be pursued as research specialities within the Master of Science and PhD programs. Research topics are described further on the pages for each area. Also, research topics outside of these fields, or combinations of several areas, may be undertaken subject to approval of the applicable departmental committees and if supported by qualified departmental faculty members.