CED Frontiers

Initiative 6 | Networked Spaces

Building Community Spaces & Common Ground

Thoughtfully designed social spaces stimulate mind, body, and soul. The design and creation of places that foster community building and idea exchange, is fundamental to the work of CED faculty and the education offered to our students. Therefore it only makes sense that enhancing the communal spaces within the halls of Wurster, to encourage increased collaboration and communication, would be a priority at the College. We intend to promote increased cross-unit, cross-cohort, and cross-cultural interaction, in order to more effectively curate student and faculty design work. Our goal is to ensure that all spaces with Wurster's iconic walls will better reflect our values of accessibility, diversity, aesthetic quality, and spirited collaboration, which is at the heart of our educational mission.

The Networked Spaces Initiative aims to create additional social and public spaces, that will help build this inherent CED identity.  The below examples are projects which are underway, that increase our ability to promote intellectual and professional debate, design exploration, collaboration, relaxation and social networking.

Spring 2016 Activity Update

2nd Floor Lobby Renovation

Network Spaces at CED aim to promote an environment that enhances connectivity and creativity where students are encouraged to actively collaborate and problem solve. The 2nd floor lobby in Wurster Hall has recently received an upgrade to reflect this vision.  The space now fosters networking, reading, group meetings and is a place of respite for the occasional napping student. Equipped with couches, a manifold for pin-ups, and double decker counters, it has become a new hub of collaboration and activity. In the coming 2016-2017 academic year, there will be one more addition to the space: a “video wall” which will showcase the impressive array of student work at CED on the big screen.  

Ramona's Café Rennovation

Wurster Hall is currently undergoing an ambitious rennovation project to add a new café to the front of the building which is bound to be a destination point for the entire UC Berkeley campus and community.  This café is the brainchild of Charles Phan, a former CED architecture student who is a design and culinary innovator. Not only is Charles responsible for opening the award winning restaurant, The Slanted Door in San Francisco's Iconic Ferry Building, he is internationally renowned for his Vietnamese fusion cusine.  The masterful combination of traditional Vietnamese flavors with a modern day twist, is this same cuisine that will be featured in the new Wurster Hall café.  This state of the art café will feature an open restaurant kitchen, a long indoor dining table, and a large outdoor deck in front of Wurster Hall. It is slated for completion in the spring of 2017 and is sure to foster a greater sense of community at both CED and within the larger UC Berkeley campus community. 


Design team: Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Norbert Wong, and Yuxing Chen @ VEEV Design. Rendering by Yuxing Chen.

Cafe Update

CED is pleased to announce that construction of our state of the art café has begun.  Pending the completion of construction this summer, the new café will be open for business in the fall of 2016, featuring an outdoor plaza that is sure to create a sense of genus loci at the front of Wurster Hall.  The café is the brainchild of Charles Phan, a former CED architecture student who trained his design talents on culinary innovation, ultimately opening The Slanted Door, an internationally renowned Vietnamese fusion restaurant located in San Francisco’s iconic Ferry Building, listed in the Michelin Guide the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Restaurant in 2014.  Charles masterfully combines traditional Vietnamese flavors with a modern day twist, and it is this same cuisine that will be featured in our new café. The interior is designed by Lundberg Design, and the plaza, designed by PGADesign, will be named after CED Architecture alumnus Ong Tze Boon, who generously supported this vital improvement to our building and its environment.  Rest assured that this yet-to-be-named café will be the talk of campus and will offer our students and faculty a much needed place to enjoy a healthy, sustainable, and hip meal here at Wurster Hall!

Shop Yard/Paint Booth

If you have never set foot in the Shop Yard or paint booth in Wurster Hall you are missing out! The Shop Yard is the Fabrication Shop's outdoor work space located adjacent to the east side of the Digital Lab. The CED community takes great pride in these cutting edge facilities that are now even more impressive as staff continue to upgrade them. The Shop Yard will soon be expanded to support larger projects. It will have work tables, a sink, compressed air lines, and 110V and 220V electrical support. This space is nearing completion and will be used this summer to support the embARC program. Across from the Shop Yard is an 8 ft. x 10 ft. spray booth that will be used for spray-painting and finishing products. It will be completed over the summer and will be operational for student use at the start of fall semester. CED will be getting final approvals from the campus fire marshal on safety policies and operations during this time. A flammable cabinet for paint/finish storage will also be constructed nearby for student use.  Thanks to a great shop team for these improvements!