CED Frontiers

Initiative 4 | Curriculum Crossroads


CED’s founding vision was to bring science together with art, to fabricate buildings, design landscapes, and plan places that meet diverse human needs.  To address the mounting problems we face ub today's global cities and regions, we must risk intellectual fault lines now more than ever and learn to create cross-disciplinary solutions. By building an interdisciplinary curriculm at CED, we encourage the type of collaboration and communication that is needed to foster the next gereration of professionals who will be well equipped to work together to address the needs of our future. 

Spring 2016 Activity Update

Preliminary Proposal for Revised Upper Division Requirement

The goal of this initiative is to develop multidisciplinary and cross-college courses, to enable students from one college, department, or major to learn from students in other fields or majors. This past year, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee developed a preliminary proposal for incorporating multidisciplinary cross-college course into curriculm. This possibility will be further developed and streamlined in the 2016-2017 academic year. At the graduate level, the doctoral program directors and department chairs have agreed in principle to mount cross-college courses in specific areas such as research design. In doing so, CED will create a doctoral student community that is focued on a culture of interdisciplinary resreach, action, and collaboration.